It’s Monday Tomorrow, Do We Say TGIM Too?

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Tick…tick…The weekend has drawn to a close and we’re soon faced with another stretch of the weekdays that is is unavoidably preceded by a Monday! And the weekend is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Those awesome days we call Friday, Saturday and Sunday gives us a chance to recharge from a hectic work or school week. It’s such celebrated time in our lives that occurs not often enough.

Mondays can be so unforgiving as it seems—or as most of us might have concluded. But the idea of setting new plans in motion for the week should be exciting and motivating enough to embrace Mondays with a positive energy. Mind you, making new plans should not necessarily be a duty we carry out on the first working day of the week. Come to think of it: the experience of a Monday in a congested city as Lagos can really be daunting. The thought of knowing your alarm will go off by 5:00am throughout the working week—even when you can’t decide your bedtime due to workloads—frightens many of us. Truth is, Monday is what you make it! Even though you’re more than often set out to face the challenges of it, most people still get shrouded in the Monday morning gloom. Imagine the lock of traffic you have to squeeze through to get to your business place, being caught in the space of madness of agberos and commercial bus drivers (as not everyone drives to their business places); and the calmness you dissolve into to face the tasks of the day once you have escaped only reassures you of your confidence to make the best of your working hours.

While Monday irresistibly marks the end of free days shared with family and friends, attending all the owambes, or simply relaxed, free hours in front of the TV, we can stop our mood from sinking when Sunday draws to a close! One way to counter the sense of lost freedom is to remember that you have chosen the Mondays you face—doing whatever jobs you do or remaining in a business venture you found yourself. And in a country like Nigeria, most people don’t have an option but adapt to strenuous working conditions just for survival.

Adding a few weekend-themed treats to begin your working week can make Mondays feel a little less stressful. Many of us live for the weekend and look forward to having the time to rest, see friends, go clubbing, shopping or go out for a meal, you don’t necessarily need to keep all the fun stuff and good times for the weekend! If possible, plan an exciting day ahead by fixing a date or going to the cinema with your colleagues after work.

And while the weekend is exciting, the activities you engage in can affect your mood the morning after a Sunday night. Avoid the temptation to de-stress by drinking lots of alcohol as it will contribute to an energy crash on Monday, a hangover can readily set a gloom on your mental alertness for work and can also drain the motivation to set plans for the day. Above all, stop dwelling on the general assumptions that you should dread Mondays. The truth is, for most of us, Mondays are not too bad; knowing that you’re almost fully engaged throughout the day even makes Mondays a lot less boring, and with a few little changes to our thinking habits, we can reclaim a day when the whole week lies untouched in front of us with its full potential.

Have a great Monday ahead everyone!



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  1. “…you don’t necessarily need to keep all the fun stuff and good times for the weekend! If possible, plan an exciting day ahead by fixing a date or going to the cinema with your colleagues after work.” Most of us don’t even approach Mondays this way, everyone just wants the Mondays to end and count down to Friday. This is a good article, especially for a workaholic like me. Very insightful one Victor

  2. Mondays are never that bad , people heard it is and so have come to believe it and so it becomes horrible for them. I love the adrenaline of a monday

  3. TGIM? LOL It’s easier said than done as most workers don’t have a total control over our Mondays, knowing it’s such a tedious routine to keep up with at work. But this article still gives a clue on how to make a Monday more interesting.

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