How to get over rejection

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Relationships end, someone gets hurt more than the other and someone feels the pangs of rejection more than the other person. These tips are for you if you are that someone who feels rejected after a relationship.

When your relationship ends and you feel rejected, accept it. It is normal for you to try and change the other person’s mind but don’t. Accept the rejection, it is the only way you can move on.

Love yourself. Don’t feel ugly, don’t feel too flawed and don’t hate isn’t your fault the relationship ended, it isn’t your fault you were rejected and who knows if this is a blessing in disguise.

Allow yourself feel things. Yes, you are angry and livid and pissed but you’re scared to say or show any of these feelings because people might talk or you feel its not okay. Well, it is okay. Feel them, let it out so you can purge yourself of all the negative feelings. It would help you move on.

Discuss with friends. Friends,family and anybody who’s got your back. Talk to them, let them know how badly you hurt. It would help you feel a whole lot better because someone might have gone through something like this before and they would tell you how best to go through this difficult time.

Learn from it. It might be hard initially, but after the worst days are over, learn from it and know what to do and what not to do in the next relationship.

Bury yourself in things that’ll make you find fulfilment. That project you’ve always wanted to do but can’t do? This is the time to do it. Do things that make you feel worthy and you’d be surprised at the amazing results you’d get. I mean, look at Adele!



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