How to endure meeting your man’s ex

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Believe it or not, there comes a time in your relationship when you run into the woman who your man once gave his all to and its not so awkward when your relationship is over five years old.

However, when your relationship is still young and your man used to be into this woman, it might be slightly uncomfortable for her when you both run into her.

These few tips can help get you through

1. Don’t imagine her and him. Whatever happens don’t imagine what both of them might have been like before you, especially if your relationship is pretty young. You are bound to come up with more memories from them and that’s not healthy.

2.  And don’t ask about them. Steer clear of the “how were you guys like” conversation before you meet her. Just steer clear.

3. Don’t drink. Don’t drink alcohol and then become tipsy and then begin to act like a total ass to her. You don’t want her thinking for one second that your man left her for a loser.

4. Don’t create drama for your man. Remember the meeting is as awkward for him as it is for you. So don’t pick up fights or create tension,  rather team up with him and get the ex out of the way already.



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