How to break up with a friend

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To break up with boyfriends are easier when compared to breaking up with a female friend. Suddenly, things become tricky and harder because you don’t want to come out looking like a bad person. Its okay for you to end a friendship if it is not working and no it doesn’t make you bad.

If you’ve outgrown the friendship, just let it fade away. Do not call her up and try to discuss it because it is not likely to end well. She is not likely to understand and it is most likely going to put you in a very bad place. So just let it die a natural death. Take longer to respond to messages, don’t show up for the regular hangouts you guys have and show less interest in what you both used to do together. Don’t reveal information about your life and don’t ask for hers also. Whatever you do though, avoid a verbal confrontation. You aren’t trying to create enmity.

If she stabbed you in the back and you know deep down that even though you’ve forgiven her, you can’t go on with the friendship let her know. Tell her its fine and there’s no bad blood but you can’t continue with the friendship and carry on the way it used to be. Tell her for you its either a hundred percent effort or nothing and since you aren’t feeling the hundred percent, you’d rather stay off the relationship. If you think this would cause more trouble than you can cope with, then try the fade out approach. Gently withdraw until you finally move on.

If she’s not your type of person and try as you may, you can’t be her friend then its not bad that you want to stop seeing her. For example, if she’s the lousy one and you are the laid back one and for the love of you, you just don’t get her then yes, you can stay away. If her idea of fun isn’t fun for you, you can stay away. Let her in on this before you disappear but again, if she’s not understanding, try the fade away approach. It never fails.



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