Hilarious Video: Watch The Tout Kitchen Celebrate Kekere Lion With An “Ogbanje Cake”

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Watch as your favorite chefs, the Tout Kitchen, bake an Ogbanje Cake to celebrate Kekere Lion’s nomination at the 2013 NEAs.

Theme music by Adey – twitter.com/itsadey

Light Skin Ogbanje Cake: Black Eyed Peas, Pink Salmon, Tuna, Lump Crab meat, Sardines, Crayfish, Maggi, M&M candy

Dark Skin Cake: Oloyin (Honey) Beans, Chicken Suya, Gizzard, Corned Beef, Fresh Hot Vietnamese Pepper, Chilli Pepper, Maggi, Salt, Palm Oil

Jerk Fried Egg – Chicken Abortion, Jerk Sauce, Sriracha Sauce

Marine Spirit: Fresh fish, Alomo Bitters and Salt Water

Store bought tiny ass cake, Alomo Bitters



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