Gmail To Release Update for Android App (we have it already!)

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Google are updating Gmail with a fresh interface today. This update uses the design concept of “cards” as seen on the popular (for Android users) “Google Now” application. Seems Google is really digging this cards concept as it has been showing up in a lot of their apps recently – Google Drive, Maps, Google+, even Google Wallet.

In Gmail, cards will be used to better highlight multi-person, threaded messages in the app’s “Conversation view,” allowing for a “new, cleaner design,” states the company in a post on Google+ this afternoon.

In addition, the app will include other design tweaks, like checkmarks for multiple message selection which makes it easier to see which emails you’re about to move, delete or archive en masse. And the app will alert you in your inbox if account sync is turned off for some reason, to help keep you from missing messages.

Some users are already rocking the new Gmail but most have not gotten it yet because Google is rolling it out gradually but if you will like to have the update immediately, here is the .apk file here that I stumbled across. It is legitimate and I’ve used it and it works perfectly.

Disclaimer: You’re responsible for your device o. Though there is no risk involved, I trust some genius to break something and try blaming me – it won’t work. Proceed at your own risk

Get the apk file here or here



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