Fun Quiz: The Real Housewives: Which Housewife am I?

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“The Real Housewives” franchise does not offer what would commonly be referred to as ‘classy’ TV. But nobody watches any of these Bravo series with the intention of stimulating their intellect. These are the types of shows you watch for pure, unadulterated entertainment. After all, what could be more entertaining than watching a group of pampered women arguing about handbag brands and social niceties?

Of course, lumping all of “The Real Housewives” shows into one category is a bit reductive, as the vibe differs greatly from one show to the next. Although you likely do not have time to catch all of the shows in these series, you may find yourself doing as suggests and recording several episodes on your DVR for later viewing.

As you do so, you might wonder… Which Real Housewives cast is best represented in your own daily life?

That oh-so-important question can quickly be answered by completing this simple “Which Real Housewife am I” quiz below:

1. How do you relax after finally resolving a feud with your best frenemy?

A. You head immediately for your trusty Skinnygirl margarita.

B. Off to the pool to catch a tan!

C. Ditch that frenemy and replace her with someone from the local entertainment industry.

2. Which of the following pursuits garners the majority of your attention?

A. Your profession

B. Your appearance

C. Your family

3. Would you ever consider divorcing your husband?

A. If you thought it could benefit your career, you might give divorce court a shot.

B. Nope

C. Yes, but only if marital strife was hurting your children.

4. What is your favorite type of decor?

A. You believe in ‘less is more’ but enjoy splurging on fresh bouquets for a loft that otherwise features absolutely nothing from the natural world.

B. Expensive art

C. Anything related to the Hollywood scene is good in your book.

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