French Montana Defends Making Commercial Music – “I Couldn’t Make Money Being Lyrical” [VIDEO]

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Morocco-born rapper French Montana has spoken about his commercial style of music, saying he had to go that way to make money.

Although known for catchy hooks these days, Montana promised he could still pen a mean 16 any day of the week.

“A lot of people don’t know when I came up, I came up battling,” French revealed in an interview.

“I came up as just a regular rapper. I have the same history as everybody had. I grew up studying bars. It wasn’t nothing for me to go bar-for-bar, get lyrical, this and that. But I couldn’t make money being lyrical so when I threw my swag with the mix, the money started coming in.”

“So I said, ‘Guess what? I’ma do this but I can get there if it really have to be there. It’ll just take me a day to write 16 bars’ and every word you heard is gonna be ‘Whoo. Whoo. Whoo.’ You know?”



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