Five reasons it is okay to give that troubleshooter a chance

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Oh please don’t shoot me,let me defend my topic.

You know how you meet that hot demigod for the first time ever and you realise two things instantly

1. That he makes your insides churn and

2. That he’s trouble

Yet, you can’t stay away? Yeah that! Almost everyone is guilty of that. In fact, yours truly has done it a few times and even though I told myself a couple of “I told you so” after it blew up in my face, I had fun through it.

To be honest, this type of relationship (or is it affair) allows you let your hair down and have fun!

In order to justify this type of fun we’ve made in the past, here are some reasons its okay to hook up with a troubleshooter.

1. Maybe you’re wrong- even when you know deep down that the statement is 99.9percent impossible, yet you tell it to yourself. But who says the 0.1 percent isn’t worth trying?

2.He’s good for gist-you know that type of gist you and your girls curl up on the sofa for after eating your hearts out and after getting tired of the usual nice guy stories?  That type where you give them the real life story of the very bad boy you recently met? Yeah, that’s an excuse for hooking up with this troubleshooter.

3. He’s too hot to be passed over- his hotness takes the oxygen out of you and even though you know he’ll be gone before the end of the month, you don’t mind thinking of that hot bod long after he’s gone.

4. You just need that mistake- especially if you’re just out of a relationship and you’re still too angry to move into a long-term relationship. This can be a cross over phase.

5. To gain appreciation for the good men- if you don’t get hurt by a bad boy, how would you appreciate the sweet ones you’ve friendzoned?



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