F.Y.E.: Nigerian Female Artists and the “Beyonce” Factor

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Just the other night I was watching an interview on TV, and there was another Nigerian female singer, one of those who have come from abroad, placing herself entirely in Beyoncé’s shadow. It is very true that since the entry of Tiwa Savage into the Nigerian music, there has been an influx of new Nigerian female singers coming from abroad, and it’s just totally Ok for each one of them to either have known Beyoncé or written her most popular song (Hmmm…pardon my exaggeration but we may even soon have another female newcomer who will claim to be Blue Ivy’s surrogate mother), played her back-up vocals, or even danced for Beyoncé!

The question is, do we really care if you’ve wiped butt for Beyonce or rolled in a trash can at her concert? And does your “oh I used to open shows for Destiny’s Child and Mathew Knowles is my uncle!” rants in any way validate (if to an extent it does) your own stand and value in the Nigerian music?

While such pedigree as having had a background in music with Beyoncé could earn you some respect or the need for us to believe in your talent, it is only proper that you put such standard into your own music and stand in your own limelight!

We won’t even judge you if the closest you’ve ever encountered Beyoncé was chasing her tour bus for an autograph, we will just understand you have a passion for music and wants to represent such musical powerhouse as Mrs Carter.  You must know Beyoncé herself have role models in music and has even gone to beat some of their records—even while she recycles lyrics, dance steps and wardrobes from Diana Ross to Tina Turner and many others. The truth is she puts her own originality in her music.

While she loves Whitney Houston and praises her as a role model, Beyoncé has never tried to sound like Whitney. Who can anyway?

So dear female singer, if we must take you seriously, it’ll have to be on a record of standard from your own music and not some stories that throws a Beyoncé in what is supposed to be your own limelight.

Why don’t we have some of these our male artists claim to have dropped lines on a Gucci Mane’s track too!

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, i’m sure that wasn’t even a question for the ones that made it to SLU…Shh (Check Photos here) last weekend! Such wonderful weekends with a SLU…Shh party in it doesn’t come, well, so often. Enjoy this new weekend guys!



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