#ESSE The Wedding Planner S1E01

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We share with you an exciting new series from Esse. This wedding planner would keep you absolutely entertained.  Stay and remain clicked on 360nobs.com.


Being an event planner no be beans my brother. I’ve been walking all over Lagos today. From one floral shop, to the cake man, to the bridal shop and to wherever the bride insists I should visit. Now I’m stuck in traffic at Adeola Odeku and I can’t move. The traffic on the island is killing me. Na to buy coffin remain for the whole matter to complete. Anyway, I look on the bright side and bring out my phone to log in to twitter. I’ve missed my timeline and the entire drama that goes on there. On refreshing, I see tweets from the bride who of course is sitting somewhere having chips and chicken according to what her tweet said.


You see me like this? I’m a proper event planner but I don’t believe in it. Na situation make crayfish bend. Why are you leaving your big day into the hands of a stranger? What if she come fuck up? Or e no work out according to the way you want am? All you can do is yell/scream isn’t it? Your day is ruined already.That’s my take on it. I don’t know about you guys, but so long as I’m getting that money and getting it well, these opinions have to stay inside for as long as they can. Opinions don’t put food on the table do they?

Anyway, I just found out someone sent me an email that she wants me to plan her wedding in three months. I was SHOCKED. It is very rare as an event planner to find people in Nigeria who give you three months to plan for a wedding. The one I did before this one gave me two weeks to plan. Had to cut corners here and there and finally gave her a patch patch wedding. To her, it was gold but to me mba nu, I didn’t do well but so far I’m smiling to the bank, it’s all good and fine.

The ID on the email read : Nelo Ezedimo. I had to search on google and the first thing I saw was the beautiful pictures from her engagement to Bruce Iwu, son of Nigeria’s senate president.


My face was filled with smiles. Wait oh, where have I been all this while? I used to be an avid reader of Bella Naija noticing the nature of my job of course and for the comments as well which I thought was hilarious. Where then had I been all this while? This was like one month ago.

O boy, you don carry last” I said to myself and picked my phone to reply the mail. We later agreed on seeing sometime next week at the Oriental Hotel. It’s so funny how half of my appointments are on the island and I live on the mainland. Na to dey add money come locate my own corner for this place sha.

An hour had passed by and the road started clearing up. I decided to update with all information about all these blogs so I just went on reading until the road became free again.

I got home some minutes after 8pm. I live at Ikeja GRA with my two lovely children – Nene and Majirioghene ( we call him ‘Majiri’) Nene clocked 8 last month and Majiri is just 5. Truth is I need to make out time for these children seeing as they spend almost the whole day with Blessing. It’s the nature of my job really not like I chose this path for myself. They attend the best schools in Lagos; go on vacation every summer all on this my one salary. So you see, this money has to be made. I try my best to be home early and have time to watch iCarly with Nene or see Majiri displaying his football skills.

On getting home, I noticed the children had gone to bed. According to Urenna, they had their dinner early and since there was nothing on TV due to the little downpour, they went to bed. She had also made some yam porridge and orange juice to go along.


To be quite honest, I really don’t know what I’ll have done without Urenna. She’s the best sister I could have ever asked for. She does the chores, takes care of my kids, stands in for me always and even helps me sometimes in my event planning. Right now, she’s awaiting the results of her 3rd JAMB examination. Would it sound so bad if I said I didn’t want her to leave? She applied for the federal university in Abuja. What if she got in? Who’s going to be there for these kids?

And just there in my thoughts, PHCN does what we know them for.

Ooooh, Shame on you NEPA” Urenna screamed from the living room.

Me? I just rushed with my dinner and ran to bed. Getting that Hausa gateman to switch on the generator was something I didn’t have the energy to do tonight.

Goodnight Ure” I said on my way, upstairs

The porridge sweet well well

She smiled and then her face changed almost immediately.

Auntie, how far the gen na? Project Fame by 9 oh

Anything wey you and Musa agree on. I get work tomorrow abeg


I am your regular next door neighbour, bringing happiness and joy to you.

Your joy is my joy. Your excitement, my excitement.

I am humbled by every wedding I plan.

And I am more humbled when everything works out well.

Just smile for I have everything worked out.

I am, your wedding planner.


So this is my package for you this week. Wait for what I’ve got next week.

I remain your wedding planner,


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I am your regular next door neighbour, bringing happiness and joy to you. Your joy is my joy. Your excitement, my excitement. I am humbled by every wedding I plan. And I am more humbled when everything works out well. Just smile for I have everything worked out. I am, your wedding planner. I am Esse.


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