Drake: “Twitter Is A Terrible Place” [VIDEO]

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Rapper Drake in a recent interview gave his opinion on microblogging site Twitter, describing it as terrible and warned users not to get caught up in it.

In Drizzy’s opinion, the authenticity and realness of Twitter should be examined more closely by users.

“Twitter isn’t real, by the way. There’s no gauge on real life on Twitter,” Drizzy argued. “That’s a terrible medium to exist in. You can enjoy it. You can even indulge in it. Just don’t live your life by that weird code on that Internet program.”

Coincidentally, New York rapper Ja Rule claimed social media would have allowed Murder Inc. to speak out during their rough patches in the early 2000’s last week.

“I’m just happy we back together and we in a good space and we’re having fun,” Rule added. “We’re making music again and being in the studio again and all the other ventures and stuff that’s going on for us, it’s a blessing that we’re still in this business for almost 20 years now.”

“That, for me, is where I’m at and if the fans and the people decide they want to give us another 5, 10 years, I’ll take it. … If there was social media back when all of these things were happening, I think we’d have had a better chance to explain ourselves and talk to our fans and talk to the people and they would have understood what we were going through and maybe it wouldn’t have been as dark a period for us.”

“So social media is a really, really big thing that’s going on right now. It’s really informative, it gets you closer to your fans. … You know what I noticed when I go on social media? They hate everybody. It ain’t just us.”



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