Can We Find Mr Right In A Bad Boy?

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There’s a point in a woman’s life where she will want or come across a bad boy. What or who is a bad boy you may ask? How do you recognise one?

A bad boy is one who engages in deviant acts without any regard for society’s standards and laws, a guy who has a “I don’t give a F**K” mentality.

Females always feel they can change a man from his hard exterior self to the “perfect gentleman” and the truth is we can’t. A man won’t change unless he wants to change.

We women are nurturing, emotional and loving creatures,  that’s where our motherly instincts come into play so when we meet a guy rough around the edges, we naturally see potential in him that he may not see in himself. We feel if we love and truly care for him, everything will change. If we show him that essential love and kindness he has been missing, the void in his heart will go away.

Bad boys need love too…
A woman’s role is to better the bad boy. Women see themselves as stepping stones so that the bad boy knows how to love and be loved by a woman the right way (Motherly instincts again).

Women need bad boys too…
Some more than others, need to meet that emotionally inadequate man (at some point in one’s lifetime) to know what we actually want in a man, to know what we can and can’t tolerate. To feel like the key in the relationship that holds everything in place. However, some of us make one BIG mistake…

We hold on to a dream of the bad boy being perfect when he is far from being so. He is a bad boy not a bad man, you have to know even with all the love you have given this “bad boy” you as a woman need a man. If you don’t see growth (change) then do yourself a favor and walk away. You have done your job of loving and giving this man the best positive image of a good woman that you can possibly give, it’s okay don’t feel like you wasted your time. I’m not saying a woman can’t love and be loved by a bad boy, where you find where your heart is happy is a beautiful thing and no one can change that, but don’t be naive.

The message I’m trying to get across is not to change a man, but let your love for him, want him to be a better man.

Mr. Right will come, if that being a bad boy or not..

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