Bubble Buster: Mr Right Don’t exist.

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Cinderella, snow white, beauty and the beast (Disney did us in, didn’t it? *sigh*) and all the other fairy tales got us creating our own version of romance as little girls.¬† While we grew and ditched the fairy tale animations for more mature fairy tale like rom coms, our idea of a relationship became more of what we saw on television.

We want a fine man, fine, rich, hot, stunner, romantic, sweet…the list is endless. Or maybe some of us aren’t that unrealistic, maybe what we want is a man who looks okay, doesn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous but still very comfortable, wakes us with a kiss every morning, loves our family like his, makes our siblings his best friend, buys us our best gifts, shares chores with us, listen to us for hours on end while we talk…whatever the case may be, what we want is a man who is like our ideal man, not a real man. We want a Mr Right that is, our own mental version of a man Disney and romantic comedies helped us create while we grew up.

We are so lost in this world of ours that any man short of one of these things, becomes one we are settling for. We believe we are settling for even when we aren’t!

Truth is, whether or not we admit that we expect our man to be like the Mr Right in our head, we do expect it. When he’s not like that, we conclude the right one isn’t around just yet.

However, One thing we should be aware of and learn is that, Mr Real is more important than Mr Right. What if your type of man comes along and then you somehow find out he isn’t your type of man because the qualities you expected to be good enough aren’t just good enough? Does he change from being Mr Right? Nobody is asking you to settle for less or just anything, the key is to keep your heart open and be realistic in your search. Bear in mind that until you meet someone who makes you very comfortable and has a great relationship with you, there isn’t an ideal man yet. Mr right is what you make of Mr real



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  1. Mr right doesn’t mean the same thing as Mr perfect. The person that is right for u is never perfect, coz settling your differences makes your r/ship stronger. Mr Real is settling for lower when u have lost hope of finding Mr Right

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