Brewing Beef? Adam Levine & Lady GaGa Fire Shots At Each Other On Twitter

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Maroon 5 lead vocalist Adam Levine sparked an online feud with Lady GaGa after he referred to the Applause singer as ‘unoriginal’

The Voice star and Maroon 5 frontman, 34, took to Twitter on Friday to air his grievances with the state of pop music, and slyly called out the Poker Face singer for contributing to the problem.

To begin his diatribe, Levine lamented the conventional process of recycling old ideas for new generations, and continued by explaining what he believes to be the premise of good pop music.

While it wasn’t completely clear he was taking a shot at Gaga, the 27-year-old Bad Romance artist felt the heat and opted to offer her own response.



If Levine was going after Gaga, he’ll certainly face a firestorm from her army of fans, known as the Little Monsters, some of whom have already responded.

The singer certainly tweeted a reply to one fan: ‘@madelinemonster thats us, changing the world. twisting the panties of one popstar at a time.’




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