#ASUUStrike Update: Would The Strike End Soon?

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A few days ago, it was reported that the Vice president of Nigeria Namadi Sambo joined the team of  Federal Government delegates to resolve the on going issues with #ASUU as students have now been home for almost 3months.

Following the meeting on Friday with Namadi Sambo present, we’ve learnt there is a possibility of the strike being suspended in the next week or so. This would be brilliant if that is the case. As it means, VP Sambo has been able to reach some sort of working agreement with ASUU members.  We’ll have to wait for news on the details of the agreement reached. In the meantime, I got this from a colleague on the effects of the strike.  Read below.

Okay, now I found the perfect spot for the calendar, very close to my bed, so that I would remember every morning that another “illegal” day has been added to my “supposed” four year course in the University Of Lagos, thanks to the Academic Staff Union Of Universities (Asuu) and the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (FG) *stressing the ’F’ words*

It so disheartening and unfortunate that the battle between the high and mighty has, and will always continue to affect us, because there is ALMOST nothing we can do about it.

Most of this so called “our Guys” that “we” voted for are only adding more to the problems they met on ground, as their seemingly redundant ears angers the public, especially the youths which holds the heart of the economy.

The third month is almost over, and we are still being tossed here and there like a DSTV remote. Definitely, our dear leaders are not taking so many things into consideration. We can’t wait forever. My four year course has been stretched by 3months (some people claim seniority with 3months oh). If this keeps going on and I (God forbid) end up graduating at a rather awkward age (adding the years I wasted at home applying for admission, and getting denied, because we had too many applicants for very few available schools, which is not my fault, but the responsibility of the government).

Now, if the strike does prolong for longer than it should(I am currently an Economics student  – a 4 year course which could go on for 6years if this continues), I face the risk of being too old with no prior experience(most jobs I would like to apply for require a minimum of 5 years experience)  – when I have used all my supposed working experience years in school embroiled in the politics of education.  By the time I manage to get the years of experience needed, I am too old to apply for the job… BET WHY?

The worst thing the government can do is to delay or even try to change the future of the country, because, believe it or not, during this wait, many youths have lost hope in education and would rather go and sleep over in studios, begging for sessions to make junk music and BLOW. That’s why these days sef, the artistes are more than their fans…  I mean, how sure are you that I am not already thinking of using my next school fees to get a laptop and a modem for my ‘YH industry’.

In fairness, the FG needs to settle ASUUguys, but honestly, there has to be another way for them(ASUU) to show their dissatisfaction besides holding the nation’s future to ransom.  It’s quite unfair. Most of us are idle which is not so healthy for the mind; it gives room for the devil to magnify our already mischievous thoughts and gives will to do (the Negative). So next time when you are wondering one of the major causes of increased rate of corruption in the country, don’t think too far before you mention Asuu Strike.

Dear Whoever is in charge,
Please do the right thing and be happy with yourself.
Let it be said that that you ended there miserable months of endless wait.
And let the souls of all the frustrated Nigerian students pray for you… Amen
That ends my frustration inspired Lecture “ASUU 411”
Michael McCharming

So what do you think of his note – justified? Valid points raised? Share your comments in the box below.



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  1. If the federal govt continues this way, I won’t hesitate to reach across to Al;sheebab, Al-Quaeda and other muslim extremist groups.Connive with them in bringing the force of terrorism to frustrate our corrupt leaders.We won’t kill a 100, or thousands . We will kill millions

  2. Politics in ASUU. So our lecturers can be so illiterate. They have the gun in their hands yet they cannot locate the trigger. At least FG have done something by giving you 130b what have you done? Can you finish a billion naira project in just a year? ASUU wise up and give FG time. At least use the 100b first why you ask for another

  3. What will you expect from FG especially in this almighty period of ELECTION preparation? we can wait for the rest of the years they ( FG )will not care. For this reason, I will not vote for any of the political aspirants. I suggest NASS should do thesame @ least to show our grievances

  4. For once in the history of the Nigerian education sector, can we (students) ever be happy? Only God’s kingdom can end all the sufferings of humankind. So my fellow students, Nigerians, and humankind, lets forget about human government and support that of Christ, Jehovah God will see us through if we support his purposes for man. Please contact me if you want to be a bible student and survive the incoming destruction of all wicked and sinful man. Contact me on 07010685315 or email me @ terrymamofede@yahoo.com.

  5. Lovely write up! Asuu nd FG, Mii i want to please go back to school nd finish what i already started while i still can. Cus if i don’t u ppl won’t and never agree to employ someone who didn’t finish school which was a result of your doings. Do what’s right and get rewarded by God not man!!!

  6. nice article u got there….but seriously its not funny, how long wud the grass(students) suffer while the elephants(fg and asuu)fight…

  7. It is quite pertinent that asuu is fight with FG over power!! Neglect the future leader!! It a matter of time!! For FG to give asuu is SOMETHING for ASUU to reject it is NOTHING asuu wise up!! Money is need for up coming election!! Leader focus on what is coming not what have coming!! I need to go back to sch pls!!

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