#ASUUStrike Update: 73 days don Waka, we still dey carry go….(We Are Fed Up!)

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Here is an account from a student’s point of view(Akeusola) as both the Federal Government and #ASUU won’t back down and despite NANS threats on closing all schools with a National strike.  It looks like what must have looked like a slightly relaxing period for students has turned into a nightmare of waiting with not much to do. Read and tell us your point of view.

When the announcement was made on 30th June, I was chilling in my school’s art studio as it was a Sunday night. To me, that was the best news I had heard this year. I had been longing for a break from school stress. Like every other student, I was unsure if my school was one of those affected. To my amazement, a total strike announcement was made and I jumped up for joy but in order not to SLY myself, I stayed back in school for two weeks before going home.

We all know how the first 3 weeks of the strike felt, now let’s forward it a bit to August 23, when FG and #ASUU finally decided to meet after FG disbursed N130bn to ASUU, but it was learnt that ASUU rejected the money completely claiming that based on the previous agreement between ASUU/FG the due money to be paid is N500bn and it is stated in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties. The money which covers 2012/2013 is against the paltry sum offered by FG. After rejection by ASUU, the association through its president Dr. Nasir Isa Fagge described the Federal Government as being deceitful.

Let’s forward again to September 5th, the information minister, Labaran Maku made a statement that triggered the anger of the lecturers. He said “Government may shut down if all ASUU demands are met.”  Mr Maku was reminded that the demand is not supposed to be as much if the government had met their demands earlier. With threats from NANS to close down all private schools, the government doesn’t seem phased by the threats.

Over the months, only the parents and the students can tell how much they have lost to this strike which both parties aren’t even considering.  ASUU president recently made a statement that students don’t want the strike called off. I don’t know who and who are the students he was referring to, because if its the same students I see on my Facebook/Twitter timelines everyday, WE ARE FED UP SIR!

From a very tired STUDENT.



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  1. when I heard wat that stupid, selfish, illiterate tittled Asuu president, I was so pissed 2 my stomach, I want 2 stab him 73 tyms without hitting any vein so feels wat we feel sumtimes

  2. these guy is totally right, the bad part is that my mate In private unison have graduated n i’m here lost in Asuu news every day waiting 4 d good 1

  3. ASUU hides behind d good ideas they have on paper. But we all know no up to half ofthe improvement promised would be.established when their demands are met. So in the end we suffer for nothing

  4. A friend from University of Ife (OAU) sent me an invitation card to his freedom on friday this week. He said he has started learning BRICK LAYER the second day immediately ASUU beging their foolish strike and tomorrow he be will set free and finally he said he is confusing may be he should go back to school or not. Pls advise him….

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