Apple IOS7: iOS 7 blocking Fake/Not Original Charging cables (and how to get around it)

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After the new OS for Apple Iphone/Ipad ( iOS 7) was released,  users have been noticing that charging cables that once worked with their iPhone 5 handsets are now defunct which is they have stopped working completely . It turns out Apple has cracked down on the use of some third-party Lightning cables in the latest software update for the iPhone.

Beta users of iOS 7 noted a warning message that would appear when using certain cables not certified by Apple, but it wasn’t until an official public release that the warnings seem to have been enforced. Thanks to an authentication chip built into certified cables, the task is easily accomplished.

It seems  Apple is looking to discourage the use of counterfeit cables after recent events in China, where a young woman died of electric shock after reportedly using a third-party cable to charge her iPhone. A crackdown on unofficial accessories would then have a two benefits which are 1. Apple can prevent future injury or damage as a result of using uncertified cables and 2. The company can push users toward buying more expensive, official chargers.

There is a work around to the problem, though, as detailed on Reddit. It involves quite a few steps, so it isn’t ideal. If you must:

  1. Turn on USB power
  2. Plug in lightning cable to iPhone
  3. Dismiss any warnings
  4. Unlock your iPhone.
  5. Dismiss any remaining warnings.
  6. Now with the screen turned on.
  7. Unplug the knock off lightning cable.
  8. Plug it back in.
  9. Dismiss warning again

We’re also guessing the lightning cable enforcement will carry over to the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Folks are better off picking up a supported/Origanal Apple charges in the nearest future..


[via 9to5Mac, Isource, TheTega]



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    1. You are probably using an iPhone charger. The iPhone can get by with a lower current and still charge in a reasonable time. The iPad will take 8-10 hours with the iPhone charger. With the original charges the way to tell an iPad one was when you detached it from the changeable power pins the iPad had a metal “guiding connector”. The iPhone has a plastic one. (Or you could look at the small print on the charger)

  1. I am using authentic charging cable… my iphone5 would still not charge. I updated to OS7 everything was fine until it got discahrged. WOuldn’t wake up now!!

  2. de l escroquerie d Apple si il continu a bloque les câbles je vend mon iPhone 5 et passe sur androïde oui il n on cas faire câble au meme prix 5€ pas plus et tous le monde sera content

  3. Help! I just bought this cheap ipad cable cause the authentic one is not working anymore. The wores got messed up, anyway there’s this error popping on the screen, i can see that the bolt sign is there but the battery is not really increasing. Tried to follow the steps above, still not working. :3

  4. iPhone wastes a lot of power and I have to buy an external battery charger to keep it live. I think the ravpower lipstick charger is a good accessory for phone users.

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