6 Fall Fashion Trends That Will Keep You Looking Your Best

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Deciding what to pick and what to skip for fall can be challenging, but you’re in luck—here’s our cheat sheet for the trends you need to try. This guide of what’s in for fall has helpful tips on how to master each trend’s look. Each of them can be worn so that it still captures your style while still looking trendy. What more could you want, girl?

Aztec/Tribal-Inspired Prints

Photo by Flickr user wickerfurniture

This print is everywhere, on sweaters, dresses, leggings and jewelry. A bold print can be worn on its own in a moderate way with a turquoise statement necklace, a fringe vest (another trend) or booties. For the more daring, mix prints. Wear a plaid or black/white stripes top or bottom with the Aztec or tribal-inspired garment. For those looking to incorporate this trend in a more subtle way, choose a tribal scarf.


Photo by Flickr user milele

This frayed embellishment is everywhere. It gives a Western or bohemian vibe to an outfit. For those who want to embrace their inner hippie, try a rocker graphic tee with fringe at the waist. For a more daring look, opt for a fringe jacket. Looking for a way to add fringe to your accessories collection? Choose a fringe bag, moccasins or even earrings.

Hipster Glasses

Photo by Flickr user Cubmundo

Before the onset of hipster glasses, eyewear has been worn for more function than fashion. However, Revenge of the Nerds is upon us. This funky eyewear can add a fun look to one’s rotating look book. Choose a black pair for a more sophisticated, classic look or a bold color for something a little more daring. Perhaps the most popular way to wear them with the lens popped out with your daily pair of contacts. Try on the Geek Chic look before you knock it. Who said only Steve Urkel can wear thick-rimmed glasses?


Photo by Flickr user Idhren

For many, fall is a time to buy a new pair of jeans. It is a ritual one has had since grade school that has continued throughout a lifetime. While jeans are still in, the denim trend this season encompasses tops, vests or the ever-popular staple piece, the denim jacket. Choose from acid wash, dark wash or even a colored option for the bold.

Sideways Cross Accessories

Photo by Flickr user Irenka Jewelry

Statement jewelry is always a trend. This minimalist look allows you to combine various metals and types of jewelry to create your own unique look. Some wear a sideways cross necklace on its own, while others layer necklaces with the piece. Two-finger rings, bracelets, scarves, leggings, totes and headbands are also a chic addition to your fall accessory collection this year.

Peplum Tops

Photo by Flickr user Stacie Stacie Stacie

Peplum is a trend for yet another fall season. The cut is extremely flattering for various body types and can be worn different ways to match the style of any girl. For a feminine look, pair it with a pencil skirt. For the more daring, opt for a bold colored top. For a professional look, opt for a sleek pair of trousers that balances the fullness of the top. Slim fit crop pants and wide leg trousers both work well. For girl’s night out, pair it with a distressed denim top and black skinny jeans for an all new going-out look for fall 2013.



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