360Interviews: @FrankUgo_’s Q&A With @TemiDollFace

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Temi DollFace is a budding Nigerian popstar, musician, singer & songwriter, shuffled mid-way between Lagos and UK. With her new video, ‘Pata Pata’ warming deep into the hearts of Nigerians home and abroad, Temi DollFace has imprinted her name in my heart and on the hearts of many people at large.

After watching ‘Pata Pata’ on youtube, I made up my mind that I had to interview her. The video is completely off the hook. Very different from the others we see and used to from this part of the world. I literally chuckled when I saw a video of an Asian fan dancing on Instagram to her song – so is the fame she has started to build.

Meet the new lady offering us something fresh, fun and entertaining, pop with an afro soul tinge, bluesy but funkadelic Temi DollFace.

1. Frank: Good day, Temi. How are you?

Temi DollFace (TDF): I’m very well, thank you.

2. Frank: What are your full names?

TDF: Temitope Samantha Phil-Ebosie

3. Frank: When’s your birthday?

TDF: 2nd of August which makes me a Leo. Grrrrr!

4. Frank: Where were you born?

TDF: Here in Lagos, Nigeria

5. Frank: What state are you from?

TDF: Ogun/Anambra (Dad’s from Ogun, Mum’s from Anambra)

6. Frank: Do you have any nicknames?

TDF: Doll Baby (said with Igbo lilt), Puff Puff(when I was little), Torpedo, Topsy Turvy, Topitee

Temi DollFace16-360nobs
Temi DollFace (www.temimusic.com)

7. Frank: How did music start for you?

TDF: Music has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I was in the choir at school, sang at church, and got involved in anything musical from quite early on. However, my first foray into creating it was at the age of 7, when I wrote and composed my first song with the help of a keyboard given to me as a gift by the Pastor (a musician himself) of the church I attended then. I just found my way around it and the rest is history.

8. Frank: How was growing up for you? Any challenges?

TDF: I grew up a shy only child in a sheltered environment. Up against my more eloquent and outgoing peers, I felt I could express myself through music and what I wore. As it was pretty lonely, I spent a lot of time in my imagination, entertaining myself by creating music and playing dress-up. These things remain with me now.

Temi DollFace01-360nobs
Temi DollFace performing at a fashion show (Photo from www.temimusic.com)

9. Frank: Education history?

TDF: I spent my formative years in Lagos. I received my primary education at St Saviours School, Ikoyi followed by 3years at Vivian Fowler Memorial College. Shortly after, I went off to boarding school in the United Kingdom. A Bsc in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Surrey followed. An then came one of the best things I ever did, performance school.

10. Frank: Relationship status?

TDF: I’m my own other half at the moment.

11. Frank: Loved your Pata pata video. Is that your first video?

TDF: Thank You. Glad to hear it. It’s my first official video, as the one before it never got to see the light of day due to unforseen circumstances.

Temi DollFace04-360nobs
The many faces of Temi DollFace from the ‘Pata Pata’ video

Listen to and Download Temi DollFace’s ‘PataPata’ below

  TemiDollFace - Pata Pata (5.7 MiB, 6,304 hits)

12. Frank: What’s the storyline behind Pata Pata. Something that happened to you?

TDF: Pata Pata talks about prolonging the inevitable- the end of an unsatisfying relationship. The song is basically saying “We have to stop kidding ourselves some time. How about now?”.

I think it’s something that has happened to most of us at some point and there are generally certain autobiographical elements that end up in any work of art. The words were, however, informed by the music. I felt like the instrumental was just crying out for that subject matter.

Temi DollFace03-360nobs
Screenshot from the Pata Pata video

13. Frank: What do we expect from you subsequently?

TDF: Well you can expect a follow-up single or 2, followed by an EP release and some of the other facets of TemiDollFace taking centre-stage.

Watch ‘Pata Pata’ video below.


DOWNLOAD Temi Dollface  Pata Pata VIDEO HERE

14. Frank: Hobbies?

TDF: Working out, Travel & Exploration, Self-taught Millinery, Foodie-ism, Watching Old Movies and the ballet, Playing dress-up, Reading, Dance, Journaling, Nutrition research, Playing Tetris of the old “gameboy” variety, Shopping, Antique collecting, Record collecting, Just being a magpie in general.

15. Frank: Best Colour?

TDF: Orange

Temi DollFace08-360nobs
One of many faces: Temi DollFace’s exaggerated face during a performance.

16. Frank: Best Food?

TDF: There isn’t just one but I’ll try and whittle it down so we’re not here all day.

I love, love, love moin moin when made light, fluffy and with lots of pepper. I eat it almost everyday. Ofada stew and Oha soup, not together, of course.

I’m a sushi fiend and love a good Eggs Benedict and Gnocchi made with basil pesto. Oh and there’s puff puff. I would crash a party just for the puff puff. I should probably stop now.

18. Frank: Who would you like to work with in the industry?

TDF: In Nigeria Olamide(I like his playful take on things), Cobhams Asuquo, Don Jazzy, Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti, Boj

Outside: Pharrel Williams, Pharrel Williams, did I say Pharrel Williams, Outkast, Janelle Monae, Kimbra, Frank Ocean, Macklemore, Just a band.

19. Frank: Role Model

TDF: Coco Chanel; Janelle Monae

Temi DollFace06-360nobs
Two classic looks which imbibes her fashion role models – (Pictures from www.temimusic.com)

20. Frank: Musical personalities that inspire you?

TDF: Fela Kuti, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, D’angelo, Missy Elliot, Pharrell Williams, Outkast, Janelle Monae, Beyonce, David Bowie

21. Frank: Your twitter profile says London/Lagos, So where you based mainly?

TDF: God’s own country, Nigeria.

22. Frank: Challenges faced in music especially in Nigeria?

TDF: Well, generally there’s a lot of politics that so often surrounds the craft and drags it down into a corporate, money hungry game that no longer has anything to do with the art of music. In Nigeria, I’ve encountered quite a few cynics along the way, people suggesting that I simplify my sound and conform to “what’s Hot”, or that I wear less to be more appealing. Earlier in my journey, I went down that road of trying to fit the mould. The more I tried, the more it didn’t work. Not doing that again!

In spite of the challenges that exist, there’s no place like home and I believe there will be a window of opportunity for the risk-taking, outside-the-box thinker .

Temi DollFace09-360nobs

Temi DollFace02-360nobs
Temi DollFace Out and about in Lagos all dolled up in her eclectic style

22. Frank: If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

TDF: I would most definitely be working in the Fashion industry as a stylist, the fitness industry as an instructor and nutritional consultant, or in some other capacity behind the scenes in the music industry; maybe building sets.

Temi DollFace14-360nobs
Perfect for a DOLL!

23. Frank: Happiest moment?

TDF: When I won the award at performance school for Best performer and songwriter. It was very validating, confirming that I was on the right path.

24. Frank: Saddest moment?

TDF: One of the saddest times for me was when I was in an environment that did little to nurture my creativity. I had no creative jurisdiction over my music. I was miserable.

Temi DollFace20-360nobs

For more of Temi DollFace visit www.temimusic.com



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