360Downloads: Ill Tha Cartoonist & Bemshima present ‘The Black Market Mining’

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The collaborative piece from PH’s finest Ill Tha Cartoonist and Abuja based wonderkid Bemshima, “The Black Market Mining” drops with steam receptions so far from those who heard the hard pieces. 10 beats ranging from Hip Hop, Pop and Afrobeat, 5 from Sheezy, 5 from Ill, all to be used for free.
Ill Tha Cartoonist headlines his Tinnitus Imprint on this project as Bemshima appears courtesy of his own label The Angry Prymate Audioworks. Y’all enjoy and holla at ‘em on twitter.


1. Intro
Download – Intro

2. Drop
Download – Drop

3. Rush
Download – Rush

4. Militia
Download – Militia

5. For Tha Luv
Download – For Tha Luv

6. Aso-Oke
Download – Aso Oke

7. Nobody Knows
Download – Nobody knows

8. Bank Head
Download – Bank Head

9. Think They Ready Now
Download – Think They Ready Now

10. Doors To Rickers
Download – Doors to Rickers



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