What to do about an obnoxious in-law

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When two people are about to get married, one of the things that give them jitters is meeting the parents. Both the man and the woman get a bit nervous when they inch closer to that point and hope that their would be parents-in-law would love them.

In most cases, nobody really frets about the love of the sister/brother in law as much as they do about the parents’. However, an obnoxious sister/brother in law is almost as frustrating and scary as a parent in law that can’t stand your ass.

Usually, when your would be brother/sister in law doesn’t like you, it is because they believe you have an attribute that their sibling can do without but sometimes, they are just plain annoying.

How to Spot an obnoxious in law

They are mostly outrightly rude or cold. They never fail to let you realise they don’t like you and can’t stand your ass. You can’t miss it.

They act like you’re not there and can even pass comments that are insulting while you’re there in a crowd. For instance they could say to their sister/brother “oh you’re going for the event with a date? With who? Oh him/her(depending on the situation” while they stress the him/her with so much dislike.

They talk about other people your man/woman should be dating.

How to be rid of them

Honestly, nothing works better than ignoring someone who goes out of their way to frustrate you. If he/she is rude and annoying, let them be.

When the rudeness doesn’t stop, tell them politely but firmly how wrong they are and how seriously they need to stop. Add that you are being respectful but won’t mind “putting them in their place” if they continue with the rudeness.

Create a space with them far away. As much as this person is important in the life of your partner, you don’t need negative energy around your life or your relationship. Let your partner realise what’s going on and why you need to create a space away from this person. If your partner loves you, they’d caution their sibling and understand what you have to do.

Above all, don’t be rude or give room for confrontation because this is likely to make situation worse and whether you like it or not this person will become a part of your lives. So play safe, be the adult and try your best to be sane.



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