WE ARE WATCHING! (the mistake guys make at parties) by Ifunanya Mokwuah

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As you all know, it’s summertime. For you guys, this is the season of sweet temptation; short skirts, cropped tops, bathing suits and fitted body dresses are all around you. Unlimited BBQs, hangouts and parties are happening every weekend. Sexy mamas and fine fine ladies are all around. I know most of you guys can’t wait to get those numbers stored and saved to your phone at all these events, but guys there’s one mistake you are making… YOU WANT TO KNOW??

YOUR MISTAKE: Getting multiple numbers at the same event!!

C’mon fellas if you are at an event and you are dancing and vibing with one girl and you get her number and then 5 minutes later, you are off dancing and collecting another girl’s number. Do you think Girl 1 is going to take you seriously or pick up your call the following day. NO! Women are very emotional and territorial and we like to know what is ours is ours! Even if we just met you 2 minutes ago, (kind of crazy, but true) we don’t like to share, especially when it comes to a man. So if we like you but see you jumping from one girl to the next. Your access with that woman will be temporarily or permanently denied!


1)Play it smooth and safe. You don’t want to be that guy at the end of the night getting cursed out because Girl 1 and Girl 5 just found out that you used the same line to pick both of them up. Play it safe and make sure they don’t know each other, because females talk and if you are the topic of discussion, it won’t be pretty for you.

2) Choose your location wisely.  If you must try and pick a girl. Don’t get the girl’s number in one spot and then get another female’s number around the same spot, Most likely the girl will see you and be turned off! Pick areas where the girl isn’t around to collect the other babes’ digit so you don’t get caught.

3) Don’t go for the Kill. Don’t be in a rush to collect every chick’s number that gives you a look. Feel out the event, have a good time with your buddies and party. Towards the end of the night if you still want to get to know the girl and you realized no other chick comes in comparison. GO FOR IT!I’m not telling guys to be players and etc, just telling them to clean up their act because some of us got our eyes on you. In all actuality, guys don’t have to hide the fact of getting multiple numbers from different women after all they aren’t in a relationship with you but women are sensitive and don’t want to feel like second place or not good enough, and seeing a guy whom we may like get another’s female’s number might bring out those emotions.

Ladies don’t feel like victims because we do the exact same thing, giving out our number to multiple guys at the same event. Don’t expect to be the only one the guy is interested in, because at the end of the day only a number was exchanged. You guys are not in a relationship. Remember that!

Written By  Ifunanya Mokwuah

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

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