Wahala: 20 injured as Korean LG G2 publicity stunt backfires + Video

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When marketing goes awkward, that’s what happened to LG

In a less than ideal start to LG’s marketing efforts for its new LG G2 smartphone, 20 people were injured at a recent promotional event in South Korea. According to the Korea Times, the event in Seoul saw balloons filled with coupons redeemable for a free LG G2 released into the air. But LG’s plans backfired when some attendees brandishing BB guns attempted to shoot down the balloons, leading to a reported 20 individuals being inadvertently shot.

The newspaper quotes a Korean blogger who criticizes LG’s security arrangements for the “G in the Cloud” event, saying only 20 security guards were present for the heavily-promoted function.

According to the report, LG has apologized to the injured and has said it’ll cover their medical costs. Similar events planned around Korea have since been canceled “due to safety concerns.”

Watch Video below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWewOTjaef8





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  1. This could turn out to be a classic case of Succès de scandale…..Cos there seems to be “no such thing as bad publicity” these days since in contemporary mass media, bad publicity is still publicity nontheless…..ijs.

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