Vintage dating tips from 1938 that are still valid!

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I have found a way to take you down to 1938 without a time travelling machine. Amazing yeah? I know!

I found this amazing article on about a dating guide tip from the year 1938 and what’s really intriguing about it is that more than seven decades later, most of these tips are still very valid.

Don’t drink too much; what’s more sensible than a tip like this on a date with someone you just met?

According to the dating guide which was for helping women land their future husbands back in 1938, this would make the woman get silly most times.

But let’s face it, this isn’t about the woman only. This rule was probably made for women then becuase well, it was 1938 and women were still mostly seen not heard.

If as a man you go on a first date and get tipsy, you are most likely going to create a very bad impression. Its every shade of wrong.

Don’t talk about clothes; or hair or material things that you have on in general. While the 1938 dating guide stops at clothes I think talking about how much your hair, purse and shoes cost is as ridiculous as talking about how expensive your Givenchy dress is. You should discuss what both of you find interesting and not something that applies to just you. Your date would be bored if you did that and they’d never ever want another date with you again.

Same applies to men. You shouldn’t discuss all your material things with your date. That’s just childish.

Don’t touch up with his handkerchief: the dating guide states that you don’t smear your date’s handkerchief with your make up and adds that every touch up should be done in the ladies not in front of him while you dine. Makes a whole lot of sense.  But thank God for the evolution since1938 and the emergence of facial wipes/disposable tissues which saves situations like this one. Now you use and dispose.



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