Unacceptable! Four things you should NEVER accept from your spouse

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There are really no rules when it comes to dating to be honest, but there are also some things that should never occur while you are in a relationship. NEVER.

This is because if you really look at it, these things are very much reasonable and things people who are in love should do for you, if they really do love you and are serious about you.

1. You know nobody close to them. No matter how much of a “lone ranger” he or she is, there’s going to be that one person he/she constantly speaks to. There’s got to be family, there’s got to be a buddy.  If after six months, you don’t know anybody close to your boo, something is wrong. You need to find out what might be going on. Your boo is hiding something and you need to find out what that thing might be.

2. Relationship with the ex. A whole lot of people believe that as a mature mind, you can keep a reasonable friendship with your ex after you guys are past the initial stage.

I totally agree with this. Once the emotions are out of the way, there can be a healthy friendship between you both.

What I don’t agree with however, is that there be a best friend thing going on.

In fact, there’s no need to constantly be in touch with your ex boo. No need to constantly call/message them, no need to go check them at home or say hi at work. If you run into each other and have to say hi,  yes, be civil.

Now if your spouse has a constant contact with his/her ex, everything is wrong with that. You should ask why calmly and tell them to respect your relationship and have the ex stay away. He/she is after all your partner’s past not the present.

3. Playing hot and cold. There can’t be hot or cold in a relationship. Someone is either yours or not. Once they become flaky, try and get them to talk. If it continues, end it. Its better than getting heartbroken.

4. He/she has got a She/He that isn’t you. Okay, don’t be confused just yet. Let me explain this, you know when you get into a relationship with someone and they tell you they’ve got a best friend who is the opposite sex? That’s crap.

When as a woman you get into a relationship with someone,  you automatically become his bestfriend.  Same goes for men. That’s how it should be. Now when your man/woman keeps hanging with his bestfriend of the opposite sex and runs things by them before you, everything is wrong.

Or maybe they keep meeting this new person you don’t know every other week. Talk about it and make it stop. Its selfish. Its unreasonable.



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