Top 5 Apps for the BlackBerry Q10: Say Hello to These Smartphone Enhancers

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1. 360 Panorama

To complement the HDR (10.1), modes, scenes, and aspect ratio features built into the new Blackberry camera, the 360 Panorama app adds all-new functionality to your device. The app allows you to take gorgeous panoramic photos of beautiful scenes from a starry night sky to a vast woodland area. CrackBerry contributor Adam Zeis says it’s simple to use and offers a user-friendly share feature that lets you relive the moments with friends and family.

2. CrackBerry

Every time BlackBerry brings new smartphones and models into the market, CrackBerry is the first to report it to fellow smartphone addicts. As most BlackBerry owners know, CrackBerry is the best source for maximizing your smartphone. And now, you don’t have to wait until you get to a computer to get your fix. This app promises super smooth and super fast service.

3. Money Plus

One of the best financial management apps you’ll ever have, Money Plus tracks your expenses and keeps your finances organized so you can focus on more important things — like making more money. The Geek Squad claims you can use the app to capture transaction details and organize them according to an unlimited number of cash, credit cards, or bank accounts. The app is an excellent tool for professionals, and a perfect complement to PC software like Quicken and Microsoft Money.

4. Box

A close contender of Dropbox, BlackBerry Q10’s box comes pre-installed on the device because it’s so essential to everyday life. It has everything you love about Dropbox; vast storage space, syncing from device to device and easy sharing, but with the addition of one very vital advantage: automatic uploads. The app automatically uploads photos, files and other designated content from your phone to your box account, making it a convenient, time-saving cloud service.

5. Popcornflix

For a little winding down after a long day or during a long plane ride, Popcornflix offers one of the most extensive collections of streaming movies and TV shows. There are more than 700 titles to choose from, and it comes completely free thanks to the ad-supported content. New titles are added on a daily basis and categorized into different genres. There aren’t many big-name blockbusters at the moment, but you can easily get your indie fix.

Although some of the enticing game apps available on the BlackBerry Q10 might be potential time-drainers, you’ll more than make up for it with the time-saving, productivity-enhancing apps that have recently hit the market for the new device.

Make sure to utilize these five essential apps while you’re getting used to your new smartphone, and keep an eye out for innovations to come.

Written by Joe Piedmont

Joe is a technology specialist who hopes to build the Great American mobile app someday.



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