#TheServiceCritic: Review of RESTAURANT LA PROVENCE, Ikoyi, Lagos

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Monday 9.54 P.M.

Hey  beautiful people,

Oh gosh , can it be September already? My little madams are driving me bananas. I have new found respect for teachers  and minders who stay with these children  for long hours.  For this review, I had to go  with them or no review this week again…. little did I know!  My  food probably digested before I even left the restaurant.

I have been itching to review  Restaurant La Provence. In my previous posts, it was  referred to as  Restaurant X . My first  sweepstakes winner and I were supposed  to review it but it was being renovated. The second attempt was when my date stood me up… so finally I got the chance.

Restaurant La Provence shares the same building with Casa Lydia on Glover road, Ikoyi . If  you missed my review of  Casa Lydia,  please find it  here.  It is a small cozy restaurant that  sits about 40 people. There is no specific theme here, it is just a mix and match of different chairs with basic table  settings. To a corner is a bar with contemporary lighting.

la provence 1

la provence 2A pleasant looking waiter  introduced himself and offered us a table for 4. He brought the drinks menu but I did not even so much as have a look at it because I did not want to have that horrid  cocktail experience yet again, so we opted for water especially as my kids had been overindulging with all that sugary and fizzy drinks. Well, the  waiter tried and tried again to get me to order a cocktail. I then shared my last  cocktail experience with him and he shocked me…. he said, ” I’ll mix you a cocktail…… on the house”. In Lagos?!  I am always  wary of freebies in this town. I  took him up  on it. I did not choose any. I told him to fix anything  nice.  And I waited…

Owing to the name of the restaurant, I was expecting to see provencale  or french dishes  but they  had mostly Italian and inter-continental  dishes with  a dusting of  French staples. It was quite extensive. For our  starter, we decided on Chicken salad.  For the main course , we decided on Barracuda poached in Champagne sauce served with mashed potatoes and the New Zealand Lamb with sautéed potatoes. I knew we would not be ordering desserts  because I had promised my mini mes  we would take them somewhere  to eat ice cream, also because  I had an unpleasant  dessert experience at their sister restaurant and they had the same dessert menu.

Mr waiter “the mixologist” came  back with my  yellow cocktail, Hmmnn mango or orange I figured.  I  am not a fan of ripe  mangoes. Infact, I  often get teased about  eating  goat mango (green/ unripe mango). Well, for one it was not served in a tumbler. It looked nice. I  tasted it , it was Mango Daiquiri…the good type I was pleasantly surprised, it had just the right  touch of everything.  Mr U tried it as well and gave it the double thumbs up.  The minis-mes wanted some but selfish mummy would not share…. I was not being selfish , I just didn’t  share  because it had alcohol.

la provence 3

The Chicken Salad (N 2,000- $12) came next,  this took  about 35 minutes from when we ordered, this was eternity considering how hungry we were.  One of the little misses had started asking for  ga-ga-at ( groundnut). The salad was well  worth the wait… The chicken breast was deliciously  marinated and grilled. it was served on a heaped bed of lettuce , tomatoes, zucchini and cabbage. There was some sort of dressing drizzled on it. It worked perfectly for me but the menu stated that it came with Mayonnaise dressing I did not see any. I know it was just a starter but the portion was not commensurate to its cost. When the plate was empty,  Lil miss 2 wanted more.  Wahala dey o….

la provence 4

The main dishes came next, first up was the New Zealand Lamb with sautéed potatoes and some sort of gravy ( 4500-$28 ).  i liked how the plate was put together. The sautéed potatoes was awesomely delicious. I could go on and on about this…the lamb and the reduction sauce….all shades of awesome… in three words, I’d say tender, well seasoned, and delicious….did I say delicious before? yes it was worth mentioning twice. For me, this was an ACE.

la provence 5

The Barracuda  poached in champagne sauce  (4000-$25  – where do they get all these fancy names from? ) It was served with mashed potatoes and some sort of tomato sauce. for someone that eats with her eyes first, this was very well put together. The mashed potatoes was garnished with a carved  tomato flower with an olive as the bud. it looked quite appealing to the eyes. it was smooth and fluffy but it lacked the creaminess I was expecting. The fish on the other hand was  well seasoned and  crisp,not overcooked as with other staples in this part of the world.  We gobbled it down in no time.

la provence 6

Little miss 2 still wanted her salad .. the waterworks was in full operation . When the waiter came to the table to clear plates, he asked why she was crying, we said she wanted more salad… mummy and daddy  were  going to be mean because at this point,  we had had more than enough to it, the salad would have wasted if we had  ordered another. To my astonishment,  Mr waiter came back after about 5 minutes  with a mini bowl of salad for her. This is full of surprises. The smile she gave him could have lit up a hundred watt bulb. I had to ask him  his name again… His name was Kelvin.  He became  her Uncle Kelvin instantly…….talk about FFF ( friend for food). Here is Kelvin’s picture below.

la provence 7


When we were leaving I asked if they enjoyed the meal, they said they loved it and asked when we could go to see Uncle Kelvin again….. chai they can thief this my  shidren with food oh.  I hope a member of Restaurant of La Provence will read this post . ” Uncle Kelvin is a fab waiter  and mixologist … Thank you for the extras. I am of the opinion that they  need to get toddler chairs to make it more child friendly.

We paid about N12,000- $75  for  1 appetizer and  2 entrées. The mango Daiquiri and mini salad  were on the house… lucky us right?

Would I go back there? …. A Resounding Yes.



Layout/ Ambience  / Aesthetics- 7

Quality of food- 9

Value for money- 9

Customer Service- 10

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19 , Glover Road, Ikoyi.

01 -8209239

Thank you for always reading.

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