The Real Reason: DJ Khaled’s proposal to Nicki Minaj

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DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj on MTV with a $500,000 to the surprise of his fans. A few days later he released a single – I wanna be with you, featuring Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross.

In a new interview, DJ Khaled reveals why he proposed to Nicki Minaj on air:

“I was just having fun with it and just show love,” he says. “Bring some excitement for my fans and connect with the record. I just wanted to tap into the emotion of the record and really spread a message. I was joking with it and having fun. We be so busy making these big hits and I wanted to come with a dope plan to present the next smash single besides just giving it out.”

“I Wanna Be With You” is a song on his upcoming album Suffering From Success. He used lyrics from the song in his proposal and it ended up being the perfect publicity stunt.


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