The Direction Has Been Revealed: See North West’s First Photo!

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2 months and loads of protection and paparazzi bashing after her birth, Kanye West has finally revealed daughter North West to the world.

A photo of baby North West, who was born on June 15, was unveiled on Kris Jenner’s chat show on Friday during the rapper’s highly publicized appearance. The picture which was taken by Kanye showed Kim holding the baby over her shoulder.

During an interview with the excited grandmother, the proud new father, 36, shared the photo with the audience and millions of viewers across America.

A snap of baby North flashed up on the screen as Kanye and Kris sat down to discuss the new addition to the family.

And it is clear from the image that the tiny baby possesses features from both her mother and father.

‘How cute is that gorgeous baby!! Who do you think she looks like?’ Kris gushed over the snap, to which Kanye responded with a laugh: ‘I pray that she looks like her mother when she’s older.’ He also spoke briefly about his mother, Donda West who passed on years back and how happy he was to have a daughter as well as his love for his baby mama, Kim.

Kris told the singer that she thought that her granddaughter was an ‘amazing combination’ of both Kim and Kanye.

Its absolutely lovely to see Kanye is a very different mood – smiley.  We expect this child, North West would be spoiled rotten – finally Blue Ivy Carter has a family friend playmate. 🙂




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