RELATIONSHIPS: Someone Cyber-Stalking Your Social Media Page(s)? I’m Here To Rescue YOU.

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It seems everyone nowadays is connected to one or more social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram (R.I.P Vine) Social networks connects us to the world and allows us to share information, and communicate with others through a website or other technologies. 

So it isn’t a surprise when we meet people we automatically want to connect with them through these social networks. But what happens when giving someone access to your online social life goes wrong.

Let me first start off with my experience, with someone having access to my online social life, (It all started on the eve of April 12, 2013….I’m just playing) I met this guy at a party, we seemed to hit it off, I gave him my number later that night and we started texting. The conversations were going really great, until one day he asked if I used social media, stupidly I had gave him two out of the three social networks I have. (Facebook and Instagram) The nightmare didn’t begin until we decided to hang out together, that day it was horrible he was very rude, corny and not the gentleman I perceived him to be, in my head I was like “This is the last day, this guy will ever see or hear from me again!”

After our encounter I had stop texting and checking up on him, he kept texting and calling my phone but I refused to pick up, in my mind I thought he would get the hint. (I was wrong) One week later,  I had posted a picture on Instagram and was looking through my notifications and saw he had liked the picture. I tried not to think anything of it, I hadn’t heard from him in a week maybe he just wanted to like the picture and that was it (I was wrong again) two minutes later I got a text message from him saying “Hey stranger :)” I thought to myself now he knows I’m near my phone because of the Instagram post. Why did I give this person my Instagram?

Did my story sound way too familiar? Have you too gone through similar situation or don’t want to have to go through this? Here are some TIPS to help you prevent situations like this from ever happening.

1) If you have multiple social networks, give the person the social network, you use the least just so it doesn’t look like your hiding anything and also just in case it doesn’t work out between you too. You don’t have to to feel watched by them because you rarely ever use that specific network.

2) Get to know the person before you let them have your main social network (I’m serious), if the person is clingy or creepy you will want to keep them as far away from your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as much as possible.

3) BLOCK!  If it’s a nightmare, and you truly want nothing to do with that person then don’t be afraid to hit that block and delete button. They must not get the hint of you not picking up calls but they sure will get the hint when they see they have been “unfriend-ed” (the mean approach)

Okay, I know that this seems really harsh, but there are crazies out there and if you have someone that you don’t want looking at your online page anymore even if you gave them the permission in the first place you have the right to remove that person’s privileges to look.

Social network is the only place where you are free to comment, post, like, and retweet whatever you want and if there’s someone that’s not allowing you to move freely on your social network you must change that. It’s that simple.

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