Six statements you shouldnt utter to your engaged friend

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While I was scouting for good lifestyle/relationship ideas online, I came across one that discussed statements women are forbidden to say to their engaged friends no matter how close they are.

As much as I don’t believe some relationship rules cos they can be sure unrealistic and unreasonable, I couldn’t help but agree with these ones hundred percent! All I had to do was put myself in the shoes of the engaged woman.

1. Can you send me a picture of your ring so I can send it to my boyfriend?

Okay, if you so much loved the ring and the expensive rock it bears, then maybe you should have found some other means to send it to your man to get a type for you when he’s ready to pop the question.

Do not put your friend through the ordeal of asking her to snap her ring and send to you to show your man. You might think this isn’t a big deal because your friend won’t mind, but what if she didn’t get engaged? Wouldn’t you find other means to get those pictures you wanna show your man so desperately? Its all about her not you.

2. Yours is so big compared to mine!

This kinda makes you look bitter and silly. If your friend’s ring is better and “bigger” than yours, keep shut and go rant to your mirror/man when you get home. Never make her feel funny by uttering such statement because its really not her fault you got whatever you got.

3. He did take his time to propose!

Whether he took twenty years to pop the question to your friend is really none of your concern and to be honest it really doesn’t matter.  What matters at the moment is that she’s happy and he’s happy and they are starting a family!

4. Can I be on your train?

A friend was telling me recently, how much her ex’s sister wanted to be a bridesmaid shortly after she got engaged. In fact, less that 48 hours after. Like seriously? How about you calm down and let the bride pick her own train by herself.

Its meant to comprise of her fave people anyway. Not just anybody. Leave her the room to decide. She’s allowed to.

5. Are you sure you want to marry him?

This question is one of the most sensitive questions you can ask a bride next to “are you sure he loves you?”.

And if you are asking this question you must either be the bride’s mom or her bestfriend from heaven. Yes. Y’all must have attended same creche, primary, secondary and University together and must be as inseparable as siamese twins. You must be that close! And the question must be asked just once with a wide, warm smile.

You don’t want the bride wondering what it iswith you do you? Cos you sure would wonder if the tables were turned.

6. Are you happy?

Um…no. Don’t. Never. DO NOT ask this one. The line between friendship and enmity would certainly be defined and you’d find yourself crossing it.



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