See The Photos That Tell The Story Of The 2012 Asaba New Yam Festival

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Captured by photographer Olushola Aromokun, these photos tell the story of one of Nigeria’s foremost cultural festivities, the Asaba New Yam Festival.

In his own words:

I had the opportunity to shoot the 2012 edition of the Ahaba Ezeugboh (New Yam) Festival in Asaba, Delta State. The Ayuwe’s (New Yam Priest’s) entourage  started from the new priests house and marched round the town, singing and dancing while the crowd grew bigger and bigger. The Ayuwe made stops at designated shrines to drop white chalk (for peace?) and offer prayers. The crowd (young and old) grew delirious with the singing and dancing (in lewd/sexually suggestive manners); some sort of fertility dance perhaps.

There was a lot of security (police and private) presence and the entire procession to and fro was totally peaceful.

See the pictures below.

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Photo Credit: Olushola Aromokun



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  1. these photos are amazing, really! shunning d fact we are a developed country, our cultures and celebration still give us hope dat we are not hopeless, I love my country.

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