Rihanna & Drake Rekindle Romance After MTV VMAs

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Rihanna & Drake may be the newest couple on the block, having drinks together on Friday night before partying together after the VMAs.

“They were in very good spirits and were dancing and singing. Drake and Rihanna seemed to be just friends enjoying a fun night out,” a source told the New York Post. Rihanna sat across from Drake, 26, who was there with another female friend. Sources said Rihanna and Drake left separately.

Two nights later, after the VMA awards, which were held at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, Rihanna and Drake headed to PDH Rooftop to party with other huge names such as Beyonce and Jay-Z. Though she dressed down for the actual awards show, wearing a simple T-shirt and denim jeans, Rihanna showed off her sex appeal afterward in a black sparkled minidress. When she left the rooftop party with a drink in her hand, Drake left just minutes later.

Earlier this month, it was rumored that Rihanna had eyes for Drake again, after tweeting about her new favorite song, “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” which was recently released by the rapper. Rihanna dated Drake briefly in 2010 and 2011 during a break from her on-again, off-again boyfriend Chris Brown.



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