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One of Nigeria’s most versatile entertainers, Julius Agwu is much ready to re-launch his music career. The decision necessitated his move to travel to South-Africa to shoot a video for one of his latest singles, Rejuvenate. The comic act recently released two new singles, ‘Rejuvenate’ and ‘Mama Soup off his upcoming album (You can listen to and download the tracks here).

As Industry nite hosts him on Wednesday August 7 2013 in Lagos, Julius will shock a lot music observers in Nigeria as he premiers his new video, Rejuvenate. The video has all what it takes to be number one video on so many charts.

Watch the teaser of Julius Agwu’s Rejuvenate below.

Aside enlisting the services of professionals in his new video which happens to be the best ever since he invented the music-comedy genre of music, Julius made use of a helicopter including a super boat to further add class to the video. The picture quality is of international standard and award organisers will readily nominate the video for greatest prize of the year, probably ‘Video of the Year’.

Speaking concerning the video, Julius said having clocked 40 and having had the staying power by God’s grace in the entertainment world, there is a need for him to re-strategize and reposition himself. “My fans have been asking me what is happening to my music career. They said I brought them something exciting, a new genre called music-comedy.  And as the creator of music-comedy, I’m only re-announcing myself to my fans. That is why I had to ‘Rejuvenate’ which is the title of the video shot in South Africa and will be released on August 7. As a matter of fact, the title of the album is ‘Rejuvenation'”.

On what makes the new video different from his previous videos, Julius said “It’s different because we spent more on it. It’s something different from what people used to see from Julius Agwu and the song is a club banger. For the first time, you will hear me rap in my native language and the song is a blend of hip-hop, afro-pop and of course the comical flavour which is always inherent in my style. It has to be funny and of course, the video is funny and entertaining”.

The comedian will drop his full album which will be his fourth release before the end of the year.

Here are some of the Behind The Scenes images from the making of the video for Rejuvenate.

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Julius Agwu Rejuvenate video_MG_4878_( Julius Agwu Rejuvenate video_MG_4979_( Julius Agwu Rejuvenate video_MG_4988_( Julius Agwu Rejuvenate video_MG_4892_( Julius Agwu Rejuvenate video_MG_5012_( Julius Agwu Rejuvenate video_MG_5002_( Julius Agwu Rejuvenate video_MG_5270_( Julius Agwu Rejuvenate video_MG_5287_( Julius Agwu Rejuvenate video_MG_5308_(



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