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Hi guys,  I have been busy holidaying in Dubai thus my not writing for a while….but as I sit down every morning and  turn on the TV, I am really just  saddened by the recent happenings around us. Case in point… SYRIA!!!


While most of us are obsessing over Miley Cyrus and her recent indecent exposure, the Obama administration is preparing a military attack against Syria which has the potential of starting World War 3.

The bloated arrogance of the US is amazing. When any other nation defends itself against illegal government takeover, its TERRORISM. When the US butts into another country’s sovereign territory, loots its land, strips it off its riches, kills civilians and meddles in the democratic affairs of that country then its heroism??


SYRIA: Let’s review.

Who has the most to gain from Assad’s fall? The rebels.

Assad is not stupid. what does he have to gain from killing women and children? Nothing. It therefore makes no sense that he would use chemical weapons against them.  That’s like cutting into his own flesh- such an action would only hurt him. On the other hand who has the most to gain from accusing Assad of using these weapons?  The rebels …who from day one have been supported by………..the AMERICANS.

So, Obama stands on his podium and loudly bluffs about the use of chemical weapons in Syria being the red line that once crossed, will mean the US getting involved.  Only a fool on a suicide mission would then go and use chemical weapons on his people after that speech- and Assad is no fool. He wants peace. The rebels do not.  They want him gone.

Now the rebels: why are we not hearing in the news about the rebels killing and raping their own people and killing christians and Muslims?  Why are we not hearing about the chemical weapons that the rebels have had access to thanks to the US?  This is because the mainstream media has to show us only propaganda that will have us calling for America to save the day. They need us to support and justify America’s intervention in Syria.


So, after Obama’s little speech, should it really surprise anyone that not too long after that he said this, chemical weapons were used in Syria?  We need to wake up people!!!

Should it really surprise anyone that Assad has been set up to look like he has called Obama’s bluff?   At this point shouldnt it be clear to everyone that the rebels and America are working together to get rid of  Assad?  That it is in fact the rebels who loosed chemical weapons on the people to give America an impetus to come in and remove Assad?  The press has demonized Assad and those images they keep showing us of gassed dead children and people are supposed to enrage us so that we demand for the ‘dictator’ to be ousted.

Its all a big game around securing strategic military ports and naval bases.  The Arab spring in the Middle East has been a pure orchestration by the American government to replace the leaders there with others who will represent their interests.  They began by taking out Gaddafi in Libya, then Mubarak in Egypt (replacing him with Morsi- who the Egyptians don’t want).  They are no trying to take out Assad and are helping the rebels to do it.

Russia (and china) want Assad to remain in power as he brings a sense of stability and they have trade and military interests in Syria.  If Assad is replaced by a western friendly leader their interests automatically go down the drain. Russia and china have warned America not to get involved.

We can already see how wrong things could go:

The US is in incredible debt and they have until October to either raise the debt limit or they will run out of money.  So far the US/UN have no evidence that Assad used chemical weapons on his people, but that doesn’t matter because they will bend it every which way in the media so that they can go into Syria…and as we know war is a job and money-making machine in the US.

China owns alot of America’s debts.  Should America go to war, China has the power to dump their debt (which would force other investors to dump their american debt because the interest will be too high) throwing America into financial meltdown (this means millions of jobs lost, civil war in America and martial law – but that’s another story altogether).

Syria has said that if the US attacks them, they will defend themselves by any means possible, even nuclear.  They  have also said that they see America’s aggression as coming from Israel, so if America attacks Syria, Syria will attack Israel.  Israel has said they are not involved, but….get this… if Syria attacks them, they will hit back with full force.

Now, for all the players: If the US attacks Syria, Russia and China will get involved to support Syria.  So will some of the other countries in the Middle East- and they will turn their eyes on Israel.  And that ladies and gentlemen is how you begin a third world war.

Thank you, America.




Olivia (livvy)Kitawa, is a creative writer, born and bred in Nairobi,Kenya, (where I felt I never quite fit in). Single mother, daughter,sister,friend and care giver. Aquarius, lives by the rules (most of the time). Outgoing, fun loving, amazing personality, people's person,(when people are nice that is...half the time people irritate me when they are being annoying.) People laugh at my jokes and say am silly, so I guess that makes me funny. Critical thinker(I dissect everything!!), always questioning why and how we exist, looking for those answers still. If you think you have the answers please share. A free spirit that loves to read and travel and meet new people, absorb different cultures.


  1. Dear Kingsley, as much I would like to respond intelligently to your comment I barely understand your comment …. I think you meant espionage… And by you saying most of the time the most obvious answer is the correct answer just doesn’t make sense in this context. This was my 2 cents on the goings on in Syria…. Doesn’t have to be everybody else’s. Have a good day!!

  2. why can’t america wait for the UN to decide…or is america the UN? i thought the UN was made up of various nation.hold a sumit

  3. I gate how the word Americans is spat out of the mouth like something disgusting. I am an American and i despise the Obamas and am completely against this military strike. AMERICA HAS NO BUSINESS GETTING INVOLVED. Most people i know agree with me. However because of a corrupt money hungry system, the people have no say and we will be the victims of a war no one wants. Please do not hate America for the actions of our idiotic government. Our country is on the verge of civil war because of a so called leader who seems determined to destroy this once great nation. The morals and beliefs this country was founded on are now looked down upon by those in power and the American people DO NOT SUPPORT IT. Impeach Obama! He should be tried as a war criminal

    1. I couldn’t agree more Whitney ost American people are such lovely people’s and do not want this war that is ahead please people do not tar every amaerican with the same brush Obama you fool look what you have done to the once greatest country in the world but I know that the American people shall bring it back

  4. Olivia i for one believe that the major reason we exists is serve the Almighty because it pleasures hims. think about this, he created everything for us even before we were created. As for the third world war, if USA strikes then a war is certainly imminent.

  5. This war is not a war with the people of america it’s the leaders of the countries and know this you all cheered when Obama was elected I don’t hear your cheering now but regardless this isn’t your fault it’s the way it is the whole globe is going through a change nothing stays the same for ever the sun will circle the earth and melt the ice on its way round then freeze the planet evoloution repeating itself the planet dies screaming while we drain its blood ( the oil ) out of course the planet is a living creature and you try removing the blood from any living creature it will scream and do things to try and make you stop oil is the blood of the earth there to balance the world and keep things nice mark my words stop it or continue to pay the price

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