Oyo State Government Appoints Tillaman As Youth Musical Ambassador

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On Monday, 12th of August 2013, the Oyo State Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi awarded Euphoric Heritage Records’ pop artiste, Tillaman the ambassadorial title, Oyo State Youth Musical Ambassador, at the International Youth Day celebration organized by the Oyo State Agency for Youth Development.

The event which took place at the Cultural Centre in Ibadan and was attended in great numbers by the youth in the state, saw musical performances from artistes Chuddy K, Zyhnospikes, Konga and Trigga Madtonic who all came to support Tillaman and also Fuji artiste Obesere who got an award from the government as well.

Read Tillaman’s acceptance speech below:

“The Executive Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, and his deputy;
All members of the Oyo State Executive Council;
Chairman, Oyo State Agency For Youth Development;
All youth in Oyo state and beyond;
All protocols duly observed and recognized.


I consider it a great honor and rare privilege to be standing before the good people of Oyo State, first as a son of the soil and secondly as a chosen role model for this ambassadorial honour.

Today is a dream come true for me. I appreciate this appointment of Youth Musical Ambassador conferred on me and look forward to using this medium to influence positive thinking and career direction for the youth of Oyo State.

I salute the administration of his Excellency, Senator Abiola Ajimobi and the Oyo State Agency for Youth Development which identifies and recognizes the importance of the youth in the formation of  a productive workforce as well as curbing the restiveness of youths that largely characterize previous administrations to mention but a few.

The youth comprise of students, artisans, employed and unemployed, the educated and otherwise. We constitute a large force that is energetic, enthusiastic, full of zeal and limited potentials which is needed to form a productive society.

Unfortunately, studies show that 70% of youths in Nigeria are despondent amongst many problems and the failure of society to provide a solution to this very sensitive issue is detrimental to the development of the workforce for our future.  This jeopardizes the cliche that places youths as the leaders of tomorrow. We cannot start to mention the bitter prices that we have paid as a state and a country due to the poor quality of development provided in the past.

To this end, I seek to use this ambassadorial role to serve this great state, to represent the interest of the great youth of Oyo state and our country, Nigeria as a whole. I shall work in accordance with the Oyo state Agency for Youth Development and will dedicate myself to the honorable task.

Music is one of the most potent tools to touch the lives of people and our entertainment industry is evidently gaining deserved recognition in the world right now. I shall embark on campaigns aimed at development of  raw talents with creative pursuits in this regard, which includes music, video directing, acting, graphic arts, artist management , writing, crafting and even painting to mention but a few. In lieu of this; I indulge the good office of his Excellency, Governor Ajimobi and his cabinet to borrow leaf from the Chinese Government who is known largely to mentor and fund individual abilities for nation building.

I am using this International Youths Day initiative as a clarion call to this present administration and all the agencies and the good youth of Oyo State to support me and these intended projects which I believe will make the state the next one-stop destination for revenue generation using youth empowerment.

Once again I appreciate this honorable privilege and pledge my full support to the development of Oyo State.

Long live the Pacesetter, Oyo state!
Long live the dynamic youths of Oyo State!
Long live Nigeria!


Thank You.

Prince Adetona Adeyemi,
Youth Musical Ambassador,
Oyo State,

Congratulations, Tillaman!



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  1. He’s worth it, he deserves it, let’s see what he’s gat to deliver to the youths in Oyo state. Congratulations to Tillaman, long live Oyo state.

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