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Desmond drove in the blistering storm, his windshield wiper at its fastest speed. He squinted behind his glasses to catch a glimpse of the road ahead of him. The deluge made it almost impossible to see past a few meters from the bonnet of his Hyundai Elantra. He wasn’t helping his situation by driving a little over 60miles per hour.  His quick reflexes were called to action when he almost suddenly hit an oncoming vehicle trying to turn to a side-street. He hit the brakes quickly and veered away from the Toyota Camry thereby avoiding any damage. He cursed the driver under his breath and continued driving towards the direction of Joy’s house.


His heart beat faster at the thought of her. Not even because of the fact that he just avoided an accident. His adrenaline was already pumping hard at the prospect of spending his evening with her.


He checked the time on his dashboard and it was 5:34. She hadn’t told him to come with any urgency at all, but he had heard the desire in her voice.

“I want you so bad” she had said.

Desmond stepped on the accelerator as he felt his heart beat faster at that last thought. He could already feel the bulge forming in his crotch as he drove. His desire for her had built up over the years, and finally, he would be unleashing it. He had loved her for so long. Wanted her for longer, even. He had bid his time until everything worked itself towards this very day. In the next few minutes, he would be together with her. Both their bodies entangled on the bed as they ruined the sheets. He swallowed hard at the thought of him inside her. He wasn’t thinking straight. He wasn’t seeing clearly. Lustful images had clouded his thoughts.

He didn’t hear the lorry honking.

The collision sent his car flying. He gasped as he felt his seatbelt pull him back to his seat. His glasses jumped off from where it had been sitting snugly on his face and he could clearly see the blue evening sky as his car rotated in the air.

The shattering of glass and the loud clash of metal against concrete was the last thing he heard.

Her beautiful smile and her lovely face was the last image generated by his mind.



Desmond opened his eyes. He couldn’t move. He realized he hadn’t opened both eyes but one. The other was bandaged shut. He could feel the pain now. Whatever they had shot into his IV to kill it had worn off. He groaned and gritted his teeth. His one eye cleared well enough for him to see with it. He looked around as best as he could. Everywhere was white. The pain was increasing by the minute. He tried to speak but his mouth was dry and shut tight. He wondered if he could even open it. Maybe his jaw was shattered. For some weird reason, he compared himself to an African American rapper he liked. He moved his tongue first and realized he had lost a few of his teeth. He tried to move his jaw, and felt minimal pain. He sighed lightly. He had never been in this sort of situation before. He wondered how he had gotten himself into such. He tried to remember. He thought hard. He dug deep into his mind.

Then he remembered. And the first word that left his lips was…


“Oh, Desmond. I’m right here.”

And then suddenly someone came into his blurred view. It was her.

He smiled a painful smile.



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