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It’s been 10years already.

Mfoniso stood by the window watching, as children played in the next compound.  The children were role playing the usual “Mummy and Daddy” scenarios – laughing on heartily at intervals and trying not to get sand into each other’s eyes. The “policeman” was coming to arrest “mummy” and somehow, the “children” found it funny. It was obvious they were so excited that the game was playing out well.

“Welcome.” Mfoniso managed to mutter as she heard the front door open. Her gaze was still in the next house.

“You left the front door open?” Sadiq asked confused.

“No. I heard you drive in.” Mfoniso quietly said.


She turned away from the window pane to properly greet her husband who she was sure had a long day at work. Earlier in the day she had made Afere (white soup) and pounded yam for the much awaited love of her life. Sadiq finishes from the office at 4:00pm and so, anytime from 4:30 he would be home. It was almost normal that she re-warmed his food just a few minutes ago – knowing he would soon be home. The entire evening was turning out perfect till she stood by that window. Mfon turned to face the same man she had married ten years ago, but this time, rather than kiss the groom; she just wanted to take his briefcase in.


“What is it Mfon?” Sadiq asked, stopping her hand from getting his briefcase.

“Why do you ask?” She asked in pretense.

“Because I know you are in pains Mfon. What is it?” He asked again.


Mfon stared at him for close to 8 seconds without batting a lash. One could tell Sadiq was more than worried now. He clenched his briefcase tightly as he was unsure of what Mfon could possibly want to do next after that scary gaze.


“Does any of this mean anything to you?” She asked in a tensed voice.

“Any of what Mfon?” Sadiq asked more confused.

“My culture? Customs? Beliefs?” Mfon asked in a pitched tone.

“Darling please be calm. Let’s talk this over. I need to understand what you’re saying…” Sadiq said, placing his hand on her shoulder to calm her.

“Don’t touch me!” Mfon yelled, leaving Sadiq very terrified.

“You are the reason we don’t have kids and you don’t even care!” Mfon continued.

“Me? Baby how can you say that?” Sadiq asked in shock.


“It’s been ten years Sadiq and we’ve not been able to convince my parents to accept us as a couple!”

“But Mfon…”

“But what? I’m over reacting again right? I’m only thinking it yeah? We’ve done our best abi”

“Mfon is this…”

“ Weren’t you here when my mother cussed me out on the night of our wedding? Weren’t you?”

“But they’ve sure fo…”

“They have not forgiven anybody! Did they tell you they’ve taken their words back?” Mfon asked tearfully.

“Darling it’s OK”

“No Sadiq… it’s not OK. It shouldn’t be OK… I want this nightmare to be over” She wept loudly.


Sadiq pulled her into his arms gently.


“It’s OK baby” He said, comforting her.

“I just want my own babies. Why won’t they bless us? Because we are not of same faith? Why won’t they forgive us? Why won’t they…” Mfon sobbed.

“It’s alright my darling, we’ll go again tomorrow.”


Sadiq hugged Mfon tightly to his chest. It wasn’t the first time they were having this mini argument but it had never been this serious. Everytime they went visiting her parents, they minced words and that offended Sadiq a lot. Why won’t they just let it go? And if they weren’t going to forgive them for getting married without their blessings, why wouldn’t they just say?


“We’ll go again tomorrow.” Sadiq repeated calmly as he tried hard to fight back tears.



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