Meet British Man Who Has Stepped Foot In Every Country On Earth, But Never Entered A Plane

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British adventurer Graham Hughes has managed to visit all 201 UN recognised countries without travelling by plane or driving himself, BBC reports.

“I did it because most people said it was impossible and because it was a travel adventure which hadn’t been done before” he said.

Hughes set off on his adventure on January 1, 2009 from Uruguay travelling for 1,426 days on a $100 a week budget. He finally completed his journey in the world’s youngest country, South Sudan.

“I’ve fed the crocs in Australia, hunted the dragons of Komodo, befriended the orangutans in Borneo, played with the lemurs in Madagascar, washed the elephants in India and eaten live octopus in South Korea.”

Hughes made it out alive — and earned some major street cred along the way. In addition to the Guinness World Records recognizing him for “Most Countries Visited in One Year by Scheduled Ground Transport,” Hughes spent a week in a Congolese prison, was arrested sneaking into Russia and joined a Bwiti tribe in Gabon. He even tiptoed into North Korea, which is not exactly a popular tourist destination.



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