Lust, The Very Important Ingredient in Love

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Didn’t we all grow up learning from our parents, mothers especially, that lust is very different from love and that whoever loves you won’t lust after you?

Well, the truth is that both love and lust are interwoven and the latter helps the former to last longer.

In every relationship, the initial thing that keeps you going is the spark that both parties can’t do without but as time goes by, that which seemed to be the spark before goes down and the relationship might not be as fun as it used to be.

However, with the emergence of Fifty Shades Of Grey and sex toys and whatever helps people regain more sexual interest in their spouses, we have come to realise that to keep a relationship/marriage stronger, lust is very much required.

Author of the Fifty shades trilogy, E.L James, revealed in an interview that a fifty something year old woman mailed her, thanking her for giving her marriage a spark that had been long lost because of her erotic book, adding that she’d not had an orgasm in years and that the book helped her get an orgasm.

This goes to say that the new “lust level” that the book delved into, helped that relationship become stronger. In other words, a dash of lust saved the day!

When a long term couple have non-conventional sex I.e take the sex out of the bedroom or the usual places, they find themselves looking forward to a next time or even wanting to do more as if they just got together.

This goes to say that as much as lust is totally different from love, it is something love can use…a lot!



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