LOOKBOOK: Transformer Summer Collection by Alabi Couture

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Alabi Couture was one of the Nigerian designers featured at the Africa Fashion Week London 2013.

Meg Alabi launched in MD’s Clothing in 2005 in Surulere, Lagos, which proved an instant hit with the Lagos power dressers due to Meg’s eye for fashion and rich stock. In 2011 Alabi launched the eponymous Alabi Couture, specializing in designing couture, high tempo fashion with an eye for cut and fit. The brand caters to both Men and women.

The current collection is called the Transformer Summer collection 2013. A combination of fabrics and designs that can transcend from an evening to casual wear, to formal wear and to party wear – very versatile designs. The Transformer Summer Collection is a mix of Ankara, cotton silk and chiffon.

The Alabi Couture’s Transformer Summer collection is chic, sexy, sassy and comfortable for the confident Men and Women.

For more on Alabi Couture visit www.mdsclothing.com

Models: Felicia, Tutu, Segun, Chioma, Oduayo, Jumai, Harry
Make up: Tracy Bridal and Makeover
Location: Mario’s place(Apapa)

Enjoy the collection below.
Alabi Couture2013ME6_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG1_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG5_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG3a_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG10_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG2_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG13_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG25_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG28_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG38_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG40_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG49_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG52_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG54_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG57_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG58_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG60_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG66_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG69_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG70_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG75_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG76_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG78_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG80_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG84_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG107_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG111_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG115_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG117_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG121_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG125_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG131_360nobs Alabi Couture201333m_360nobs Alabi Couture201353m_360nobs Alabi Couture201354m_360nobs Alabi Couture201375m_360nobs Alabi Couture2013104m_360nobs Alabi Couture2013111m_360nobs Alabi Couture2013142m_360nobs Alabi Couture2013MEG73_360nobs



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