LOOKBOOK: Get Familiar With NACKesoteric From N.A.C.K(Nigerian Articulate Culture Kullection)

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N.A.C.K (Nigerian Articulate Culture Kullection) is an apparel with international quality established since 2006 by Akinpeloye Tolulope aka Luto Tailo. N.A.C.K is described as a brand with the fusion of all Nubian Cultures, articulated in interplay of fashion equilibrium.  It’s an inspiration, an identity, an impetus that instils Style, Freedom & Confidence into people all over the world.

Inspired by Style, Freedom & Confidence, the new N.A.C.KULLECTION is called “NACKesoteric”, coined from the word ‘esoteric’. Esoteric or esotericism signifies something that is designed, understood or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest. The new kullection is a fusion of animal prints, manmade leather and the introduction of the redefined N.A.C.K logo.

“NACKesoteric” is a stylish kullection, as always, with ‘ready to wear’ stand out pieces, made up of maxi dresses, shorts, leather tops and the N.A.C.Ky polo, which gives everyone the freedom to dress in a way that inculcates confidence in them.

I must add the collection is pretty cool – a few stand out pieces.  Enjoy.


NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn1_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn2_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn3_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn4_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn5_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn6_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn7_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn8_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn9_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn10_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn11_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn12_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn13_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn14_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn15_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn16_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn17_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn18_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn19_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn20_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn21_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn22_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn24_360nobs NACKesoteric_N.A.C.K_nn66_360nobs

Photo Credit:

  • Female Model: Ayoola Bakare BLaws
  • Male Model: Bernard Bullen
  • Stylist: Starlet j
  • MUA: Ots_Beauty
  • Photographer: Adebayo Lawson

Brand Details:

  • Name of Label: NACK APPAREL
  • Address: Shop C41, Road 1, Ikota Shopping Complex, Lekki-Ajah roundabout.
  • Contact Number: 08096593576
  • Website: www.nackonline.com
  • twitter handle: @nackonline
  • Facebook page: www.facebook.com/nackonline
  • Email: info@nackonline.com


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