Lola Alao Marries For The Second Time In The United States [PHOTOS]

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Popular Nollywood actress Lola Alao has legalized her second marriage in the United States to American-based IT expert, Wale Ajibola.

Lola has a daughter from her previous marriage.

The Yoruba actress said she has forgiven her ex-husband, Dare Ogunlana, but allegations made by the man during the heat of the divorce saga are still fresh.

Dare described Lola as “diabolical, deceitful and a woman not to be trusted”, to which the woman responded with maturity by keeping mum.

In a recent interview, Lola agreed her ex husband was a nice man but got carried away by the pain of the separation. According to her “that man is a very nice man, it just didn’t work out between us”, she said.

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  1. Dare Ogunlana whom goes by the name of Michael Damilare Ogunlana can be reached at 1-702-327-6064 or by email at

    We met in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012 while driving city buses. We were engaged in late 2012 prior to his Federal Drug Trafficking conviction in January of 2013. I stayed by his side throughout the prison term and he paroled to my home upon release in Las Vegas. Upon his release I became aware of his current marriage to a woman by the name of Adeshola as well as numerous children by many other women; including a son that he conceived while dating me.

    His recent misfortune has brought him back to New Jersey after I put him out on the streets. Michael (Dare) has been trying to get me to move to New Jersey with him since March of 2015. I refused to after all of the lies from his past has surfaced. Michael is a manipulative man with so many hidden agendas.

    I thank God for not allowing my pregnancies to come to term or our marriage to come forth. Michael still sends me money to this day to take care of me. I want nothing else to do with him! He asked me to come to New Jersey to help him with his many child support payments and to help him get an apartment because of his recent federal drug conviction its hard to find a place to live or a well paying job.

    I thank you for your recent article about Lola and Dare. Your article was a sign from God to end our relationship completely.

    Ms. Shamika

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