LOL!!! :Microsoft makes fun of college students with iPads in latest commercial (Video)

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Microsoft is all about taking on the iPad these days, and for once they actually have a compelling argument. In their latest ad they are showing how a Windows 8 ultrabook is more useful than an iPad with a keyboard. Duh. Comparing a full-fledged laptop to an iPad isn’t really a fair fight, but of course the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga wins.

This ad suffers from the same problem a lot of their ads have. No one is disputing that a Windows 8 device is more functional than an iPad, but that doesn’t mean people actually want one. These devices still suffer from the “Windows” problem. They just don’t seem cool. Until Microsoft can show that a Windows 8 device can be just as fun as an iPad these ads won’t work.

Watch below 😀


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