Jennifer Lopez returns to America Idol as judge

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Hollywood actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is close to signing a contract that will see her return to American Idol as a judge according to Music News.

The last two seasons of the singing contest saw the 44-year-old superstar as a panelist before leaving last year. Since her departure ratings have plummeted and it’s been confirmed judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson are all stepping away from their roles next season.

Apparently Jennifer is in the final stages of sealing the deal on her American Idol return, although speculation was rife she previously ruled out the programme as a possibility.

“[She is] very close to signing a deal with Fox to return to American Idol next season,” a source told People magazine.

“Both Fox [network] and Jennifer are very happy about this and want it to happen very much.’

Jennifer has found the time to put her all into judging duties on Idol.

She supposedly loves the programme and only stepped down from her role due to previous professional commitments.

“She couldn”t return last year because she had committed to a world tour,’ the insider detailed.

‘But now that the tour is over, she has more time to raise her family, do movies and pursue television projects.”

According to Entertainment Weekly country music star Keith Urban will also be on next season’s panel. Other judge possibilities are said to include Jennifer Hudson and Black Eyed Peas singer-and-producer

The 13th season of American Idol is currently in pre-production and will premiere in January 2014.

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