Its very okay for a man to have a man crush!

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Maybe not the most usual words to place side by side, but two out of every four men have had man crushes at a certain point in their lives.

A man crush is a feeling or respect a very straight man feels for another very straight man. A man crush usually is about the person who feels it idolizing or respecting and wanting to be like the person he is feeling it for or even better.

For instance, a man can have a man crush on his favourite Arsenal team player or favourite Action movie star or even favourite religious leader, that doesn’t mean he is trying to “do” him, it simply means that he adores this person’s life and career and would either want his life or want to be better than him at what he does.

Even though a number of males and females see this as gay, it is totally healthy and very “ungay”. It is also normal because every human has that one person they admire so much and won’t mind having their lives for at least a second.

However, men tend to outgrow the man crush. Some men have this crush a lot in their teens or early twenties, when they are just finding their feet in life or deciding on a career path to take.

You hardly find a man with a man crush in his late twenties or past that. They simply just don’t have it.



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