If your bestie exhibits these signs, then she wants your man

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One of the most controversial topics that have been around for a long time is the topic of the closeness between a man/woman’s partner’s friend.

For instance, I have met a guy before who told me point blank that if we ever dated, I wasn’t allowed any form of closeness with his male friends. And this was someone who I had mutual male friends with, friends I didn’t meet through him. Call him crazy or paranoid or whatever, but a whole lot of people agree with him and think its the normal thing to do, to draw a boundary between their friends and their lovers.

This for some reason is however more peculiar to women. This is because women tend to get more jealous than men and they tend to exhibit their jealousy more.

However, whether or not you draw a boundary and set rules for your man to obey where your female friends are concerned, there should be a line your female friends should not cross I.e there are some things they shouldn’t ever do, if they respect you and your relationship.

Every woman knows this, but when/if they do the things listed below while you are in a relationship and worse, don’t feel bad about it, then maybe they don’t care about you or your feelings and care more about your man than they should.

-They act like the man is both yours; when you get a man, they act like you both own him.  They ask that he helps them fix something around the house, take them someplace they need a date for and use him as a shoulder to lean on when they are down.

-They “flaunt it” when he’s there; ever had a friend who goes out of her way to look hot and sexy when your man is there? Like they take extra care to look pretty and when y’all are together they go the extra mile to make sure he notices them?

-They bring out their “CV” when he’s there;  when your man is there, they launch into a story of how amazing they are, how great their cooking is, how toned their bod is and then wail while he listens, asking him why they can’t get a man with all their “qualities”.

-They are his best friend;  they hang out with him without you, call him and text him when you don’t know and do a whole lot of things without your knowledge. Maybe there’s a whole lot of things going on without your knowledge as well. Find out.

-They don’t see why you’re so mad; when you tell them you aren’t comfortable with the relationship they have with your man, they say they don’t know “why you are so mad” instead of doing things you’re comfortable with.

They aren’t your friend if they keep saying that and would rather fight with you, rather than say sorry and honestly respect your wishes.




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