How To Cook A Perfect Steam Rice

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I got a tweet some weeks back requesting how to cook a perfect steam rice. I know most people would say steam rice is simple to make but how do you ensure it is not overcooked or undercooked is the issue.

If you follow this simple step you will get nice, fragrant, separated rice that is perfectly cooked.


Water and long-grain rice



First, you wash off the excess starch from the rice. put your rice in a deep bowl, and in your sink, run tap water over it. Once bowl is full of water, use your hand to swish the rice around.

Watch you will see the water starts getting murky.


Now gently pour this water away and repeat this process till the water is mostly clear. (4-5washes) would do.

-Now fill up water once more and just leave the rice in the bowl for about 20-30mins.

Drain water out carefully.

steamed ricewe BLOG

Put the rice in a pot that has a flat bottom and cover. l like to add little salt sometimes but that’s just me.

Put pan in a medium high heat, wait till the water boils and start bubbling

Now turn the heat down as low as you can, cover the pot and let it just sit there for about 20minutes.resist the urge to open the pot and peek at the rice.

-After 20 minutes, turn the heat off and don’t open the pot yet. Leave to stand for another 10minutes this will help the rice settle so you don’t have dry grains on top and wet grains at the bottom.

-After 10mins lift the lid, admire the rice

Your rice is ready to serve with whatever you choose.


for simple guide tweet to @sheyispices.

Seyi Peters

Seyi Peters

Seyi Peters is an entrepreneur,blogger and chef. He specializes in Asian inspired simple home made recipes. Presently, Executive chef with foodandhampers Limited. Follow on instagram/facebook/twitter @sheyispicess


  1. This info is very interesting. my problem with steam rice is that mine are always over cooked and l guess maybe because l add too much water or l open the pot and let out the steam.with this now l think l know better.

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