How to be rid of an obnoxious EX

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Shoot them…

Kidding! When you are out of a relationship and you try your best to move on and the only thing standing in your way is your ex, it becomes extremely terrible.

What can be worse is if this ex is trying all he/she can to make you angry or hurt on purpose.

If for some silly reason you sense/know your ex is trying to make you feel bad on purpose, consider doing the following;

1. Ignore. Whenever he/she updates his/her social media with something like “my new boo is better than my immediate ex” or something more ridiculous, ignore. Ignore their calls to give you an update on their dating lives, ignore them everytime and everywhere.

2. Ignore again. The more they get obnoxious and do it in your face, the more you should keep ignoring.  Act like they aren’t there,  like you can’t see them. Keep ignoring because what they really want from you is some sort of reaction,  so keep ignoring. Do not even report their annoying/childish attitude to mutual friends, it’ll mean they are getting to you, so just keep ignoring.

3. Try to be rid of them. If ignoring them isn’t loud enough for them to stay away, then limit their medium of reaching you. Block them everywhere, report their email as spam, stop going to the places where they find you. Do everything to be away from places or spots where they always come to disturb you from.

4. Never get back with this person. You might be thinking he/she is missing you is the reason they keep chasing you with new information about their sex and dating lives. This might be true, but what’s more true is that a man/woman who cares about your feelings won’t go out of their way to hurt/annoy you that much.



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